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dance is life

Hey everyone!+waves+

I'm a nw girl in the community.
My nam is Joana,but everyone calls me Jo.I'm 16, from OPorto,Portugal.
I love to dance since i was a lil girl, always dreamt of doing ballet but i never had the chance too. So i started learning some other dances. I had Hip-Hop and Ragga Soul classes for some 6 months, had to stop is on may cause i had some serious problems with my right foot but i'll be back asap to my dance classes. I also know some ballroom dances so long as Salsa,Valsa and Tango. I
Already mad lots of dancing shows in school and out from that one. Made lots of coreographis and other stuff.
I almost dance everyday, at night, some 2 hours or more. I think that i born with rhythim in my life and my body and i love it.
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