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My first real poem...^_^

Hey pplz...well, this is my first, out of school, poem...I'm very happy and excited...and, I'm sorry, but I couldn't remember how to do the clickie link thing so I just pasted it into here...hopes that okay...sorry again...the poem's long, I know, and I'm sorry, but please just take the moment to read it and let me know what you think...every comment helps me to improve...and the poem is about one of my best friends and her friend...and when I say we or us, I mean me and my other two friends...just fyi...okay, well, I hope you guys like it...don't forget to comment...lataz...;)

I can’t go on…it hurts too much.
I’m drowning in my own loneliness,
I can’t breathe, I can’t feel, I can’t hear,
I can’t love,
I can’t breathe the sweet smell of love,
I can’t breathe…I’m suffocating.
I feel lost…I feel out of place
I feel like I can’t go on….it hurts too much.
I can’t hear the kind, loud laughter we used to share.
I can’t hear you,
You can’t hear me,
We no longer understand each other.
I can’t love you as a friend,
I can’t love you,
Because I cannot trust you,
I cannot believe in you,
I cannot have faith in you,
I don’t know you,
You’re a stranger now….

Ever since she came and joined us,
You’ve been lost with her
She’s grabbed a hold of you,
And she’s slowly and quietly,
Taking you away from us…
You don’t know it,
And you can’t see it,
We all see it, why can’t you?

I thought we were the best of friends,
I thought I knew a lot about you,
I guess I was wrong…I shouldn’t have trusted you.
You’re slipping away,
And I’m trying to hold on to you,
I’m trying to hold on to,
the memories that we shared.
The laughter that we spoke,
The secrets that we shared,
Were all just lies,
We had no relationship,
The relationship was all a lie.

Now that you have her,
Now that you’re with her,
Now that you’ve found someone who shares your feelings,
You’re gone, far away, where I can’t bring you back.
You’ve left us alone,
With nothing more but memories,
You took everything we had,
I can’t trust you anymore.
How was I supposed to know?
That this was all a lie
That YOU were all a lie,
That one day, you’d get up and leave us,
With not much, but a fading memory.

I thought we had something,
Something that would last a life time,
But, NO, you took that away,
Now I don’t even know if I can talk to you,
No, I take that back, I DON’T want to talk to you.
I can’t go to you with my deepest most secret problems,
Because you are one of them,

I’m sorry I did this,
But I had no choice,
I had to do it, to both of you,
You ruined my life and you’ve ruined theirs,
I thought they’re were people who loved you,
But there aren’t,
Because you made it so FUCKING hard for them,
You didn’t let anyone in to your heart,
You closed yourself up,
And locked up your feelings within you,
Where no one can find it,
Where no can reach it.

I may have done this
But you two are the cause of that
You betrayed us,
You left us alone in the dark
You met up with us,
And we saw you as another shimmer in the dark
But, then, SHE came, and she took you back into the dark
You began to share things with her,
You had no secrets with her,
But you hid everything from us.
I poured my heart out,
Telling you almost everything about me,
My feelings,
My life.
And then, you stabbed me in the back,
It hurt like HELL,
And no matter if you come back,
You can never take the pain away.

Now that you’re with her,
You put me down,
You completely destroy,
Without even knowing it,
You’re quietly and slowly, killing me.

I thought you were one person to talk to,
One more person I could go to,
To talk about my problems,
To talk about my feelings.
But, now you constantly criticize me,
And you’re always telling me,
Whether I’m right or wrong,
Whether I’m smart, stupid, weird, or an idiot,
You make me as another stereo type,
Why can’t you just call me one of your best friends?
Because, to you, now,
I’m nothing but another person.

I’m sorry,
I did it again, to both of you,
I can’t stop.
You keep hurting me,
And, I’ve seen this before,
It’s happened to me before.
A bunch of friends get really close,
And think that they’re going to be together forever,
But then something happens,
They start breaking the ice,
It chips little by little, melting away,
And then, the ice breaks,
They all fall in, to the ice cold,
And there’s no one there to help them out,
They’re all stuck there, left to die,
Freezing to death,
With the coldness seeping in to their body,
Into their brains,
Into their hearts.

I ask you for help,
But nobody replies.
I seek you for your truth,
I seek you for your help and advice.
But, no one’s there to help me,
Because you’re out, with HER,
You’ve left us again,
You’ve abandoned us, again,
You promised us you’d always be there,
It comes with the relationship,
But now, now, you’ve broken it,
And you don’t give a FUCKING SHIT,
About whether you’ve hurt us or not,
All you care about is yourself.

I’m sorry for what I did,
But I did it to help us all,
To protect us from the harm that was to come,
From the hurt that the two of you were causing.
I don’t care and didn’t care,
About the two of you,
If I hurt you or not,
If I killed you or brought you back to life,
I did it to protect the three of us,
So that none of us could get hurt.
I hope you understand,
You do don’t you?
Wait, never mind, you never understood me.
It was nice to get to knowing you and your BIG FAT LIES.
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