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Hey people!! I was just wondering if anybody knew where to get dance avatars...and does anybody make colorbars?? Reply back please...I would really appreciate it...thanx

Well, I feel like I'm super, super, SUPER fat, cuz I have dance off for 2 weeks, it's already the begining of the 2nd week and I feel like an elephant...I have to sew my pointe shoes (which are new) and I need to break them in...I should start that tonight, since I finished my homework...^_^...but, I hate sewing my pointe shoes cuz when I sew the elastic (yes, I need elastic to keep my shoe on my foot) it hurts my fingers...idk...all I know is that I better hurry up and sew my pointe shoes

It's nice not to have dance you know...I mean it's nice to just be able to focus on school, but I also feel kind of lost without dancing...I mean, I feel HUGE right now and I feel like I'm a lazy @$$...but, I also wanted to try canoe paddling...but, well, I know that if I do make it, that practice is everyday...I can't do that, cuz then I'd either be missing every dance class, or I'd be missing 3 practices of canoe paddling...*sigh* I dunno...I'm really confused...but, I guess it's always good to try something new, and I'm also hoping that canoe paddling will help me get into shape...I think I'm going to like it, but, it's the dancing that I'm worried about...my dad is encouraging me to stop dancing soon cuz he doesn't really see where it's going to get me, and I must admit that I kind of agree with him, but, like I said, even when I'm break I feel lost...*heavy sigh*...but, I'm going to try out canoe paddling, and I realize that I'm going to have to tell my dance teacher, but I'm willing to try something new, other wise I'm going to be living my life wondering where I would be if I did try out for canoe paddling...so, I'll press my luck, and hopefully I get in...and it's not for school, it's like a club thing, for where I live...or at least close to where I live...it should be interesting...

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