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Dance Like Nobody's Watching [entries|friends|calendar]
We love to dance!!

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dance is life [07 Aug 2006|03:11pm]

[ mood | Haopyyy ]

Hey everyone!+waves+

I'm a nw girl in the community.
My nam is Joana,but everyone calls me Jo.I'm 16, from OPorto,Portugal.
I love to dance since i was a lil girl, always dreamt of doing ballet but i never had the chance too. So i started learning some other dances. I had Hip-Hop and Ragga Soul classes for some 6 months, had to stop is on may cause i had some serious problems with my right foot but i'll be back asap to my dance classes. I also know some ballroom dances so long as Salsa,Valsa and Tango. I
Already mad lots of dancing shows in school and out from that one. Made lots of coreographis and other stuff.
I almost dance everyday, at night, some 2 hours or more. I think that i born with rhythim in my life and my body and i love it.


Love to 3 *Dance

Dance!!! [16 Jun 2006|12:18am]

wow what a coincedence I love to dance too!!!!!!!!!! hehe!

~my name is katie and I'm here to say...i love to dance and nobody can ever take that from me!~ oh and I am here to say i am 13 that is pretty much all
Love to 3 *Dance

[08 May 2006|07:28pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Alright, I have a question for you all from a friend of mine, and any answers and/or advice would be very much appreciated:

If you are considering a career path in ballet, how old is 'too old'? How long should you have been dancing for? And we both assume that just lessons at a local dance studio wouldn't be enough, and would a national ballet school be the only option? If you are 15-almost-sixteen, is it too late to be accepted, and are you too far behind? She has had a bit of training as a young child, but hasn't danced in years, although she is in very excellent physical shape. Remember, this is for National Ballet Company style of thing.

Thanks a lot, and I (and she) wish you all tons of luck and rhythm.

Love to 1 *Dance

[14 Oct 2005|01:17pm]

Hello everyone!

I'm 22 and I've been dancing on and off since before the age of 6. I love ballet the most (it is, as they say, my passion ;-)) though I also enjoy most other forms of dance.

Love to 1 *Dance

[27 Sep 2005|08:49am]

[ mood | dance! dance! dance! ]

Hey! my name is Stacey I'm 14 and I love dancing so much that instead of walking to and fro I dance to and fro. I used to take ballet, tap, jazz, and for a while english country. but just last year I quit because the teachers were acting pretty rudely to some of the other students. I miss it allot and hope that next year I will be able to start at a different studio instead of playing soccer which I really stink at. I think I enjoyed ballet and jazz the most because ballet was just soooo pretty and jazz was fun. If I start taking lessons again I would like to take lyrical and point, swing looks fun too.
well gotta go! bye!


[25 Sep 2005|06:11pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

hey I'm new to this community I'll write more about Me and my dance life later but right now I'm posting some Dance icons. I hope you guys like them, they're the first I have ever made. If you take any please comment and credit. Enjoy!

1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com  2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 4. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 6. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 7. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love to 2 *Dance

[05 Jul 2005|01:15am]

promotionCollapse )

[29 Jun 2005|04:46pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

my name is Alicia, and this will by my 9th year dancing. i'm 13, and I've only taken 2 classes a year in my whole dance experience, because my old dance place was strict and wouldn't let me do many. so this year i'm going to a new one, where i'll be more challenged. i was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to get better in my splits (right, left, and straddel). i'm almost there, but i can't seem to go down the last couple inches. please help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. i'll try any tips you might have.

Love to 1 *Dance

[14 Jun 2005|06:57pm]

hey im just wanted to say that ive been dancing for 12years since i was 3 [which makes me 14 going on 15!! :o)] and i LOVE to dance. ive recently cut down my classes from a bajillion to two and my recital was friday.. im pretty much pouring out my life story so ill make the end short and sweet:
jazz: 6yrs
tap: 7yrs
ballet: 12yrs
pointe: 2yrs!!
lyrical: 2yrs
i <3 dance!!

[09 Apr 2005|08:13am]

Hey! I've been dancing for 3 years now, and I just got to pointe this year! It's awesome! I'd like to join this community, is there any thing that I need to do though? Let me know, thanks!

[02 Apr 2005|07:03pm]

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[26 Mar 2005|03:20pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

hi im new here i have taken jazz, ballet and gymnastics i quit ballet and and jazz but i wanna take jazz agian and im wanna take tap. so thts bout it bout me.


My first real poem...^_^ [23 Mar 2005|09:05pm]

[ mood | YAYNESS!!! My first poem!! ]

Hey pplz...well, this is my first, out of school, poem...I'm very happy and excited...and, I'm sorry, but I couldn't remember how to do the clickie link thing so I just pasted it into here...hopes that okay...sorry again...the poem's long, I know, and I'm sorry, but please just take the moment to read it and let me know what you think...every comment helps me to improve...and the poem is about one of my best friends and her friend...and when I say we or us, I mean me and my other two friends...just fyi...okay, well, I hope you guys like it...don't forget to comment...lataz...;)

I can’t go on…it hurts too much.
I’m drowning in my own loneliness,
I can’t breathe, I can’t feel, I can’t hear,
I can’t love,
I can’t breathe the sweet smell of love,
I can’t breathe…I’m suffocating.
I feel lost…I feel out of place
I feel like I can’t go on….it hurts too much.
I can’t hear the kind, loud laughter we used to share.
I can’t hear you,
You can’t hear me,
We no longer understand each other.
I can’t love you as a friend,
I can’t love you,
Because I cannot trust you,
I cannot believe in you,
I cannot have faith in you,
I don’t know you,
You’re a stranger now….

Ever since she came and joined us,
You’ve been lost with her
She’s grabbed a hold of you,
And she’s slowly and quietly,
Taking you away from us…
You don’t know it,
And you can’t see it,
We all see it, why can’t you?

I thought we were the best of friends,
I thought I knew a lot about you,
I guess I was wrong…I shouldn’t have trusted you.
You’re slipping away,
And I’m trying to hold on to you,
I’m trying to hold on to,
the memories that we shared.
The laughter that we spoke,
The secrets that we shared,
Were all just lies,
We had no relationship,
The relationship was all a lie.

Now that you have her,
Now that you’re with her,
Now that you’ve found someone who shares your feelings,
You’re gone, far away, where I can’t bring you back.
You’ve left us alone,
With nothing more but memories,
You took everything we had,
I can’t trust you anymore.
How was I supposed to know?
That this was all a lie
That YOU were all a lie,
That one day, you’d get up and leave us,
With not much, but a fading memory.

I thought we had something,
Something that would last a life time,
But, NO, you took that away,
Now I don’t even know if I can talk to you,
No, I take that back, I DON’T want to talk to you.
I can’t go to you with my deepest most secret problems,
Because you are one of them,

I’m sorry I did this,
But I had no choice,
I had to do it, to both of you,
You ruined my life and you’ve ruined theirs,
I thought they’re were people who loved you,
But there aren’t,
Because you made it so FUCKING hard for them,
You didn’t let anyone in to your heart,
You closed yourself up,
And locked up your feelings within you,
Where no one can find it,
Where no can reach it.

I may have done this
But you two are the cause of that
You betrayed us,
You left us alone in the dark
You met up with us,
And we saw you as another shimmer in the dark
But, then, SHE came, and she took you back into the dark
You began to share things with her,
You had no secrets with her,
But you hid everything from us.
I poured my heart out,
Telling you almost everything about me,
My feelings,
My life.
And then, you stabbed me in the back,
It hurt like HELL,
And no matter if you come back,
You can never take the pain away.

Now that you’re with her,
You put me down,
You completely destroy,
Without even knowing it,
You’re quietly and slowly, killing me.

I thought you were one person to talk to,
One more person I could go to,
To talk about my problems,
To talk about my feelings.
But, now you constantly criticize me,
And you’re always telling me,
Whether I’m right or wrong,
Whether I’m smart, stupid, weird, or an idiot,
You make me as another stereo type,
Why can’t you just call me one of your best friends?
Because, to you, now,
I’m nothing but another person.

I’m sorry,
I did it again, to both of you,
I can’t stop.
You keep hurting me,
And, I’ve seen this before,
It’s happened to me before.
A bunch of friends get really close,
And think that they’re going to be together forever,
But then something happens,
They start breaking the ice,
It chips little by little, melting away,
And then, the ice breaks,
They all fall in, to the ice cold,
And there’s no one there to help them out,
They’re all stuck there, left to die,
Freezing to death,
With the coldness seeping in to their body,
Into their brains,
Into their hearts.

I ask you for help,
But nobody replies.
I seek you for your truth,
I seek you for your help and advice.
But, no one’s there to help me,
Because you’re out, with HER,
You’ve left us again,
You’ve abandoned us, again,
You promised us you’d always be there,
It comes with the relationship,
But now, now, you’ve broken it,
And you don’t give a FUCKING SHIT,
About whether you’ve hurt us or not,
All you care about is yourself.

I’m sorry for what I did,
But I did it to help us all,
To protect us from the harm that was to come,
From the hurt that the two of you were causing.
I don’t care and didn’t care,
About the two of you,
If I hurt you or not,
If I killed you or brought you back to life,
I did it to protect the three of us,
So that none of us could get hurt.
I hope you understand,
You do don’t you?
Wait, never mind, you never understood me.
It was nice to get to knowing you and your BIG FAT LIES.

Love to 2 *Dance

Unsure [21 Mar 2005|05:01pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey people!! I was just wondering if anybody knew where to get dance avatars...and does anybody make colorbars?? Reply back please...I would really appreciate it...thanx

Well, I feel like I'm super, super, SUPER fat, cuz I have dance off for 2 weeks, it's already the begining of the 2nd week and I feel like an elephant...I have to sew my pointe shoes (which are new) and I need to break them in...I should start that tonight, since I finished my homework...^_^...but, I hate sewing my pointe shoes cuz when I sew the elastic (yes, I need elastic to keep my shoe on my foot) it hurts my fingers...idk...all I know is that I better hurry up and sew my pointe shoes

It's nice not to have dance you know...I mean it's nice to just be able to focus on school, but I also feel kind of lost without dancing...I mean, I feel HUGE right now and I feel like I'm a lazy @$$...but, I also wanted to try canoe paddling...but, well, I know that if I do make it, that practice is everyday...I can't do that, cuz then I'd either be missing every dance class, or I'd be missing 3 practices of canoe paddling...*sigh* I dunno...I'm really confused...but, I guess it's always good to try something new, and I'm also hoping that canoe paddling will help me get into shape...I think I'm going to like it, but, it's the dancing that I'm worried about...my dad is encouraging me to stop dancing soon cuz he doesn't really see where it's going to get me, and I must admit that I kind of agree with him, but, like I said, even when I'm break I feel lost...*heavy sigh*...but, I'm going to try out canoe paddling, and I realize that I'm going to have to tell my dance teacher, but I'm willing to try something new, other wise I'm going to be living my life wondering where I would be if I did try out for canoe paddling...so, I'll press my luck, and hopefully I get in...and it's not for school, it's like a club thing, for where I live...or at least close to where I live...it should be interesting...


Love to 1 *Dance

[20 Mar 2005|05:57pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows where to get some dance avatars? And, does anyone make colorbars or knows someone who makes colorbars? I would really appreciate it if some of you replied...thanx...lataz...;)

Love to 1 *Dance

Chicago baby!! [19 Mar 2005|08:44pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Im so tired .... I had dance sy;abes today and then went to see the play Chicago in NY , NOw im back at home doing stuff. Tommorow i have my test for syllabes and then well then i don't know . Im so nervous

By the way were can i get dance icons ?!?!?!?!?!


Hey [15 Mar 2005|09:09pm]

[ mood | glad to be part of a community ]

Hey...I'm new to this community and I just wanted to say hi...I have been dancing since I was in Pre-School...I've loved dancing and I love my dance teacher...she is so loving, caring, kind, and understanding...I also love all of my friends at the dance company, we're all so close and I can always tell them about my problems and they'll listen...dancing is great and keeps me in good shape...I'm sure that if I didn't dance, I would be fat and overweight...oh, and I have just recently gone up on pointe...it's a mixture of pain and joy, because I haven't quite found the right shoe yet (and we're not aloud to use toe pads, just tape) but I enjoy the fact that I pretty soon, I can dance on pointe...YAY!!

Okay, well, that's all for now...lataz...;)

Love to 3 *Dance

[15 Mar 2005|10:32pm]


Hey anyways I just joined, awesome community, i'm glad to see there's another dance community out there.


sorry for promoting my community but we need members to join too and if you wanted to maybe you could be our sister community


  Join dance_crazy, all dancers are welcome



[15 Mar 2005|07:13pm]

hey i like ur layout i wanted to change the layout on my journal page and i wanted to be a dance theme can anyone help me with that?

[06 Mar 2005|11:02pm]

[ mood | cold ]

wow i haven't posted in here in a long time.
i need help on my attitudes. back attitudes.
i just like can't get my leg up there and have it bend like that.
i dno whats wrong with me.
it's weird i know.


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