ame_rox (ame_rox) wrote in _love_ur_style_,

Winge about Gothic/Punk/ Emo try hards.

I feel like having a winge. today About GOTHICS.... Yes they may all/most hate "other" people and feel sorry for themselves but someone just needs to bloody tell them "GET THE FUCK OVER IT" not only do they have difficult/ hard lives. *NEWSFLASH* LIFE IS FUCKING HARD!. Not always but sometimes harder than other times. I walked into Underworld Realm the other day. I dress pretty darn normal. I was trying to be nice to the lady who owns it. I said hello how are you? she couldn't even fucken give me eye contact. Although it was nice of her to say not too bad. or something on the similar lines. Is it cos I'm blonde and dont wear your clothes that I'm not worth being spoken to?!??!? Is IT THAT? cos if it is to be honest I dont have time for you. Stupid friggin humans. AND WTF is up with the emo/ punk/ goth phase 10 to 17 or so year olds seem to be going through. Stop being fucking conformist and for once in ur life be ur fucking self. wear what u want whatever colour it is. Pink, blue, Orange, white, black no one really gives a fuck. END!.
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