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Ok, this is kind of fashion related so I figured I'd post it in here. While on a recent trip to New Zeland, the forgotton, sheep-infested country, I visited the World of Wearable Art. It's basically a museum in Nelson, on the south island, which features different types of costumes and outfits made from all kinds of things, from coathangers to chocolate wrappers. The outifts are really amazing. There are different categories, including Bizarre Bras, Illumination Illusions Avante Garde and Reflective Surfaces. The creations are usually displayed in fashion shows (around $80 a ticket), which have moved to the city of Wellington, and take place yearly. I think. Entrance to the musem in Nelson is only $15 or so, and they're seriously awesomely creative and just beautiful in heaps of different ways. We don't have anything like this in Australia, so I'd definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to New Zealand. You can find some pictures of some outfits here:


Thats pretty much my contribution.
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