ame_rox (ame_rox) wrote in _love_ur_style_,

Rant about sexist people.....part 1.

Hmmm I'm just wondering if anyones ever noticed that it seems that some communities in the world treat each other espesially women sometimes cruelly, unfairly and just plain wrongly..... (excuse the mistake but what ev.) I have a friend at tafe whos Muslim and it seems that her ex treated her like a piece of crap. I perosnally would like to think I wouldn;t be able tolerate this sort of behaviour from anyone I love or who apparently loves me. She was constantly looked down upon by him. She lost her virginity to him after about 3 or 4 days of dating. Her first boyfriend its sad but true. I sometimes think that the women of these communities have it imprinted from childhood that "MUST LOOK AFTER MAN HE NOT SMART ENOUGH" or something crappy like that. Its sad that men allow women to degrade and stuff themselves up like this. My Muslim friend after careful persuasion from her friends left the bugger. And then he goes "I HAD ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND ANYWAYS" what sort of low life wanker does that honestly, Offcourse my friend having fell in love, cries and cries. It pisses me off and at the same time makes me sad. for the reasons that are unclear.... but in the above text..... somewhere. well anyways even though i'm not finished with my wingy sorta rant thing I'm gonna go. I'm cold and need sleep.... mew... sleep.... somone reply my websites really pathetic it needs some exitement in its life. like really really.
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