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My personal collection of Elrond novels

I have drawn up an overview of my personal collection of Elrond novels.

If you are interested, here comes:

A Collection of Elrond Novels by JunoMagic

Elwen, “A Cup of Sorrows”

Length: ? words (~ ? pages); but 11 chapters
Rating: R
Warning: torture/angst

Summary: Celebrian's reasons for leaving Middle earth. Tolkien said that she was attacked by orcs and, although healed, became weary of Middle earth and so travelled to the West. An attempt to expand on that scant information.

Comment: This is really too short to be rated as a novel. Perhaps you could call it a novella. It is very well structured and gives a disturbing interpretation of the background of Celebrían’s abduction. But hope is not lost… - A quick, satisfying read.


Fehrkitten, “Drifters Sing Cupid, or Belling an Elf”

Length: 56,439 words (~ 140 pages)
Rating: R
Warning: some slash on the sidelines (Haldir/Glorfindel; Legolas/Faramir); songfic contents

Summary: Elrond/unrepentantly Mary-Sueish OC

Comment: For some reason I could not stand reading this story at FanFictionNet; I stumbled across it on the author’s homepage a long time after I had first looked into it at FFNet – and was halfway through the story (hooting with laughter at times) before I realized which story it was.
It is a real, but well-written Mary Sue and does not claim to be anything else. Accordingly,
the reason for the connection between Middle-earth and Elrond and the OFC and our earth is never really given. But apart from that it is a funny, smutty story – perfect for whiling away a grey afternoon.


JunoMagic, “The Tides of Time and the Bones of the Earth”

Length: 111,333 words (~ 280 pages)
Rating: R
Warning: AU; two explicit love scenes; one chapter contains rape/torture (not graphic, not gratuitous)

Summary: 500 years after the War of the Rings, ME is in danger again. The last elves have left Middle-earth long ago and sailed for Aman. But now only they can help avert the looming disaster. A young woman sets out to find the elves and bring back magic to Middle-earth. But will they help? And will their help be enough to save Middle-earth?
The eventual romance of Elrond and Nihil is only a small part of the story. The main part of the story is really an adventurous quest that leads a ranger, a young woman and a hobbit all over Middle-earth, across the Sundering Seas to Aman and back again.

Comment: I can’t really comment on that as it is my own story; at the moment I am rewriting it, but as I am only polishing some bits and pieces and not really changing the plot, I thought I’d leave it in here nevertheless.


Kalurien, “Imladris Revisited”

Length: 50,552 words (~ 125 pages)
Rating: vacillating between G and R (a mild R)
Warning: some nice het smut

Summary: After her marriage was dissolved because she can’t have children, Culurien, an elvish lady formerly of Mirkwood and late of Lórien, accompanies Arwen to Rivendell, seeking a place to recover from her woes. Elrond tries to cheer her up and to heal her. This is the story of how Elrond and Culurien fall in love. But how can they be together as long as Elrond is married to Celebrían who dwells across the Sundering Seas in Aman?

Comment: The background of the story (a dissolved elvish marriage) will probably not appeal to purists. But the story is funny and touching, with great dialogue and a very believable Elrond. The story is also fast paced and a good and easy read. It made me gasp with laughter now and again. There is also some tasteful smut that is fitted into the story very well. Perfect for a dark winter night.


Losseniaiel, "Desolation"

Length: 52,578 words (~ 130 pages)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: AU, character deaths,

Summary: When Sauron regains the Ring, the Elves flee Middle-earth. But some bonds are too strong to break, and a few must stay behind to fight for love and duty. This story focuses on Elrond, and his reaction to the disaster, as he takes up his sword and heads south. A very well-written story, for those who want to see a different side of Elrond.

Comment: I did not read that one yet, but it was very much recommended at HA.


Nemis, “A Story of Elrond and Celebrían”

Length: 73,028 words (~ 180 pages)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: /

Summary: The love story of Elrond and Celebrían, second age.

Comment: A slow paced story that keeps true to canon. It delights with details and as far as I can tell, good Sindarin. A very believable, rounded Elrond-character.


Nemis, “High Princes of Tirion”

Length: 148,437 words (~ 370 pages)
Rating: R
Warning: slow updates

Summary: The sequel to “A Tale of Elrond and Celebrían”; takes place in fourth age Aman and features a rehoused Gil-galad and a new daughter for Elrond and Celebrían

Comment: Nemis knows her canon and her Sindarin very well. Now and again the story loses its elvish touch; then it turns into a novel that could describe any high-society of noble lords and ladies. But before it gets to the point that you want to put the story away, Nemis always succeeds in offering touching insights into elvish love and life.


Ninde_nenharma, “The Teacher”

Length: ? words (~ ? pages); but at the moment 44 chapters
Rating: NC-17
Warning: violence, graphic het sex, rape, character death; WIP

Summary: Elrond teaches a half Elven of her Elvish heritage, but it becomes
more than a teacher/student relationship.

Comment: Ths story is very well written, although the background (AU/half Elven) will be less than plausible for purists.


Sorne, “The Standard Bearer”

Length: 77,822 words (~ 195 pages)
Rating: PG-13/R
Warning: AU; graphic sex scenes (het) (as additional scenes, so it can be read as PG-13)

Summary: The story of a mortal woman who falls in love with Elrond on the plains of Dagorlad. Gil is the last of her line, sworn to come to the aid of Gil-galad. She keeps her oath and finds love. But then tragedy and treason strike hard.

Comment: This is definitely one of the best “Lord of the Rings”-fanfiction stories I have ever read. Setting, pace, characterisation – everything is perfect. There are some single lines and phrases that are really haunting and will stay with in your heart even after you have finished the story. To go with the story there are very beautiful illustrations. Up until now this is the only fanfiction story that ever made me cry. Every one of the three times I read it.


(There’s another Elrond &Celebrían story by Dragon, to be found at, SoA and at her own homepage, but I haven’t read it yet.)

Please note that this is only my personal list and my personal opinions featured on that list, so please don't take offence at anything!

I'd really like to know what you think of the stories I mentioned, or if you know any other good ones.
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