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Love Endures

A Community dedicated to Elrond and Celebrían

8/19/05 09:57 pm - theburrahobbit - On Love - sarmissë i tur Imladriseva

This is my first graphic story about Elrond and Celebrían that is in English. Most of the ones I've done are in Quenya, so for once a few more people might understand what I'm writing.

Both art and words are by me. The pictures were drawn first on ordinary paper with an HB pencil, then scanned in and coloured and slightly edited in Paint Shop Pro 7.06. The text is in the font Garamond.

On Love - sarmissë i tur Imladriseva
Fan graphic story by Manian

Gallery version - hosted on Deviantart, and one will have to access a new page to read every next page.
ZIP version - The whole thing in a ZIP, for downloading.
Choose whichever you find most convinient. ^^

Characters etc are (c) JRR Tolkien
Art and words are (c) Manian.
Keep your theivy paws off them, or I'll eat you.

Comments are very much appreciated.

6/29/05 11:42 pm - losseniaiel

Fornost Erain II: A new chapter of 'Suffering'. El/Bri angst and dire news.

3/30/05 01:12 am - theburrahobbit - Icons

Just realised that some of the icons I just did were Elrond and Celebrian-related, so I thought I'd put them up. Also there's some icons with only one of them on, but I guess it's still related.
Feel free to use any of them, but please credit me. ^^


Nine icons: 1 Elrond and Celebrian, 3 Celebrian, 5 Elrond.Collapse )

3/28/05 03:17 pm - theburrahobbit - Two graphic drabble thingies

Being new in this community, I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Manian, I reside in Sweden and have been manic Tolkienian in over three years. The characters of Elrond and Celebrian have fascinated me long, and they're often in the center of Tolkienian stuff I do.
Well, I thought I'd spam it with some graphic drabbles in Quenya (with Tengwar, *sigh*) that I do, just for the sake of it. Both these two are Elrond and Celebrian-centric. The first has a translation, while the second doesn't, as it's not very dependent on what is said, and I trust your imagination will fill in possible blanks.

Acca ratoCollapse )

Love declarationCollapse )

Feedback is appreciated. ^^

12/24/04 12:04 am - isis_whit - Merry Christmas!

Ah, so I have cast away all common sense and written something. It's un-betaed, because... well... I'm a coward. Never mind. Happy Christmas to all of you. ;)

Fluffy fluffCollapse )

12/17/04 12:03 am - losseniaiel - Cross-posted

The epilogue to Desolation is now up.

And, in case the Pit of Voles ISN'T just being evil for me, here's the address on it's own:


12/13/04 11:24 pm - losseniaiel

Weeell ... I guess this is mainly a question for you as moderator: yea or nay to fanfic plugs?

12/13/04 10:53 pm - isis_whit - Tolkien has eaten my brain

I've come to the conclusion that at least part of my writer's block is caused by the gaps in Elrond's past. In all the fragments on my Hard Drive, I've come to points where I need to know certain details, but I don't.

Therefore, I started a quite insane essay project, dubbed "Makin' It Fit", or, more pretentious, "An Attempt on A Grand Unified Theory History of Arda". Basically, I want to extricate the final version of certain events from all available sources. As I've started with the first essay Thursday night, I think that there is, in many instances, no absolute, final truth. So, at least I try to figure out the most likely variant.

I have a feeling that I'm going to fail utterly, but... I want to try. I have the vague hope that, as soon as I have come to terms with this, I will be able to focus on fiction again. ;)

1/1/07 12:00 am - isis_whit - Welcome to Love Endures

Welcome to Love Endures, a community dedicated to all things Elrond&Celebrían. This is meant as a place for writers to post fanfiction, for readers to give fanfiction recs, for posting fanart, for discussing all things Elrond&Celebrían, a place to breed plot bunnies, for getting feedback, finding a beta-reader, and get help with questions about Tolkien canon.
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