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This community is very much like all those 100 icon communities you might have stumbled across. So what’s the deal? This community concentrates on Lord of the Rings. Are you a fan of Aragorn? Or perhaps Frodo? Or how about Shadowfax? Well if you are a fan who is willing to make 100 icons of your fandom, how about joining? ^_^ In any case, welcome to the 100 LOTR icon community.

How does it work
1. Join the community.
2. Take a look at
list, choose the subject that interests you the most, and leave a comment telling me what it is you have chosen.
3. Wait for approval, and once given posting access start making those icons :)
4. Follow instructions carefully and make 100 icons of your subject, posting them all in one go, or in bits, but the minimum of icons you are posting is 10.
5. If you have completed all 100 icons, comment
. As a reward you will get a banner to show off your talent and devotion. ;)

1. Your icons may include other subjects than the one you have chosen, but your subject should remain the major part of the icon.
2. Do NOT use pictures of the actors. For example if you have chosen Frodo as your subject, we do not want to see Elijah Wood in your icons.
3. You have 10 weeks to complete the 100 icons. Of course it would be nice if they were done in a shorter period of time, but 10 weeks is what you get.
4. Please put your icons behind a cut. They can be fake cuts, but make sure you have one. As said above, 10 icons is the minimum number of icons you are allowed to post.
5. Please make new icons for the community, don’t just dig through your icon folder and find some icons you had for ages.
6. Your icons can be both animated and may be mini movies.
7. Our of the 100 icons you make, 30 of them must be somehow linked to the themes stated below. You have 50 to choose from, but only use 30. Why is it done this way? Because if the theme is Lothlorien, and your character is Grima, you might have a slight problem ;) Use the theme however you want to. The theme can be used in text on your icon, or it can be used in whatever way you choose. For example if one of the themes were blue, you can either have your icon be in blue colour, or you can have a picture of Frodo stuck somewhere in snow being cold thus having a “blue face”. Savvy? Oh, and forgot to mention, the themes are all titles of music compositions which come from the Lord of the Rings movies :)

1. The Prophecy
2. Concerning Hobbits
3. The Shadow of the Past
4. The Treason of Isengard
5. Use Well the Days
6. At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
7. A Knife in the Dark
8. The Return of the King
9. Many Meetings
10. The Council of Elrond
11. The Grey Havens
12. A Journey in the Dark
13. The Bridge of Khazad-dum
14. Lothlorien
15. The Great River
16. Amon Hen
17. The Breaking of the Fellowship
18. May It Be
19. Foundations of Stone
20. The Taming of Smeagol
21. The Riders of Rohan
22. The Passage of the Marshes
23. The Edge of Night
24. The King of the Golden Hall
25. The Black Gate Is Closed
26. Evenstar
27. The White Rider
28. Treebeard
29. The Leave Taking
30. Helm's Deep
31. The Forbidden Pool
32. Breath of Life
33. The Hornburg
34. Forth Eorlingas
35. Isengard Unleashed
36. Samwise the Brave
37. The Black Gate Opens
38. Farewell to Lorien
39. A Storm Is Coming
40. Hope and Memory
41. Minas Tirith
42. The White Tree
43. The End of All Things
44. Into the West
45. Twilight and Shadow
46. Cirith Ungol
47. Hope Fails
48.Shelob's Lair
49. Ash and Smoke
50. The Fields of the Pelennor

Posting Format
Subject: (for example Arwen)
Themes: (themes you have used in this batch)
Additional notes: (basically anything you want to get across to people about your icon making)

** Also, please when posting make sure you number your icons. For example if in the previous post you have done icons 32-46, make sure your icons in the current post start with the numbering 47-. Another thing, when having made a theme icon, make sure you write the theme below or above your icon.


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