William (mjtrumpet) wrote in _lotr_icontest,

Well its about time...


Well terribly sorry about the last 2 months.. but my computer exploded several time, and with work and everything else going on I completely forgot about this until i started getting emails.  So im very sorry.  But alas here we are to vote. 

Respond to this post with your three favorite entries.

1.  2.    3.    4.    5. 

6.   7.   8.    9.   10.

11.   12.   13.  14.  15.

16.   17. 


Ok so yeah... about banners... when my computer crashed i lost my Adobe Photoshop so Im working on recovering that.. Which also mean the graphics here may be crude.  If anyone want to be banner maid feel free to volunteer. lol.  Also if anyone wants to join me in this effort so nothing bad like this happens again let me know.  Again really sorry about this.  New Challenge should be coming really really soon. 



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