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When you feel your soul is lost...

We'll help you find it again

Lost Souls
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This is the community for people who feel like they cannot go on. This is for those with souls that are so seemingly lost that the ones whom they belong to feel as though they can never be found.

No one should have to feel this way anymore. This community was created so people can vent out their problems, then get advice and comfort regarding them.

Anyone is welcome to join the community and upon joining, you may do the following:
-Write about your problem or issue that you need advice and/or comfort on.
-Give advice or comfort to another member who has already posted their problem or issue.
-Share opinions on anything and everything. And I mean anything. The sky's not the limit. :D
-Share stories where you have helped others in some way outside of Live Journal. :)
-Make friends with the other members if you'd like. :)

NO MEANESS, BASHING OR HARRASMENT OF ANY KIND! If you harrass another member than you will get a warning from me (the maintainer) or one of the moderators. Your warning is that one of us will remove you from the community but you won't be banned just yet. If you decide to rejoin the community and still continue to be hateful than you will be BANNED, no more questions asked. I will not tolerate rudeness and neither will the rest of the members.

ANYTHING POSTED IN THIS COMMUNITY STAYS IN THIS COMMUNITY! No exceptions. I want all my members to respect the confidentiality of their fellow members. If I learn that another member is going to their fellow member's journal and discussing that said member's issues there than the member who broke the trust will be AUTOMATICALLY BANNED. I know this sounds harsh and I apologize for that, but some members may post their problems here and not in their personal journals. They may not want their issues discussed outside the community, so I'm making this a rule for everybody.

And last but not least, you may advertise your community here but I must ask you to email me beforehand telling me what kind of community you wish to advertise and to ask for my permission first. My email address is coloredskies84@hotmail.com
If you fail to do this, than I will delete your entry and the above-stated will happen.

Your Maintainer

Your Moderators

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