blind_angels (blind_angels) wrote in _lostsouls,

Hey there lost I pretty much confessed everything to my therapist and I feel a tiny bit better, but still feel shitty. I was wondering if anyone feels like there mood comes in cycles? I experience my depression (or whatever their calling it at this point) as though it is a sine graph. It's very concerning because when ever I feel better (which isn't that great but way better than shit) it can creep up on me at any point. I thought the whole depression thing was just apart of being a teenager, but know that several years have past by it seems like something that's here to stay. I'm scared that it is going to destroy my life. It is common in my family and two of my aunts have attempted suicide (the ones that I know of), I really don't want that fate. I don't want to sit alone in corner hating myself, I want to live. Has anyone ever tried acupuncture? It's my new hope that it will help because meds just do not seem to aggree with me. Maybe I'm getting to hooked onto the depressed thing, sometimes the diagnosis or the several other things they think I may be makes me feel special. I'm just so mortified sometimes of the embarassing things of done to my family. I've been nothing, but trouble.

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