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I'm 18 years old and I'm trying to find lost souls, I have a very low self esteem, and I'm also depressed, obsessive, and pessimistic but I'd like to find reasons to keep on living, to keep trying and struggling. 
On the other hand, I think I've gotten used to my sadness and melancholy, and if now I became a better person I'd lose a part of me, somehow, we've become friends, me and my many fucked up personalities. My friends say I'm weird, and someone once told me after I asked him if I was special that everyone in this world was special, and I think he was right. 
after spending my time thinking about it (did I mention how obsessive I am? =/  I came up with the idea that in a world where everyone is special, the real special one, would be someone not special at all
maybe it does not make sense at all, but, reading other people's posts makes me feel as a number, one more number in this world, maybe I am n#11001002830485554576509558740573094726499202874765849302827289404038272738484040382262423740920483625274947537384

don't know if I write too much and am not saying anything with meaning =( sigh*


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