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kimya dawson

hi. i posted about a week ago feeling like shit. i still am having a hard time but i'm getting through it, which is all i can really ask for i guess.
this might seem weird, and i hope its okay with the moderator, but this past year i discovered a musician who makes me feel a lot less alone. some of you may have heard of her. her name is kimya dawson and her music is an alternative/folk/punk sound which is quite unique, but her lyrics are so inspiring. She sings, from experience about pain, trauma, being different, falling apart, and surviving it... she still has her lows as we all do, but i felt like i should share her with others who feel lost and alone, because that is who she sings for...so anyway, i am going to put a link to her myspace. if you dont wanna check her out thats fine, but i encourage you to, especially if you feel alone.

anyway. i wanted to say to you all... hold on, take it a millesecond at a time if you have to.  i'm here if anyone wants to write me, i will listen. i'm just a computer away. plus, i need you as much as you might need me... sometimes strangers are best listeners, and who knows, maybe we'll make a friendship out of it.

stay well, Jymi

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