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Tired of those challenge communities? Tired of posting stuff on _rentfic and not getting any feedback whatsoever?

Yeah, well, so are we.

This is a community for you all to put your RENTfic. Any RENTfic! It can be crack-based, emo, angst, comedy, what have you. All that we ask is that people comment.

One. To post a fic, you have to comment on a fic. It can be ANY fic whatsoever. Just one comment for one fic. It doesn't have to be a thousand comments (althought that's nice), but when you post something, you need to give feedback on something. Want to post two fics? Then comment on two fics. That way, everyone will get feedback, and we'll all be happy.
Two. No flaming. No bashing. Don't be a sandy vagina plz. We're all cool here. If you're not, you get banned.
Three. No copying, please. Um, the plots are often overused, but if we see almost the same fic twice, we're gonna catch ya. So don't.
Four. If you want to advertise a community, please ask beforehand. And if you ask, we'll probably affliate with said community, so asking before you post gets you bonus affliation! And that's good! So, no community spam without asking the mods.
Five. Try to keep it RENT-related. Obviously.

- Fanart and fanmixes are v. cool, so don't hesitate to put something on there! [Please keep your fanmixes friends-locked, plz.
- Off-topic posts will be deleted. If you make a fuss about it, you're going to get banned.
- Trolling is a no-no. If we catch you trolling, you're going to get banned.
- We have a sense of humor. If you don't have one, don't come here. Or, purchase one and get back to us.
- Try to have your fic read beforehand by someone who knows what they're doing. We don't like to see fics that have bad grammar/spelling or total OOC-ness.
- Anything is game. Het pairings, slash pairings, crazy object pairings, whatev. If it's something crazy, please warn beforehand. You know.
- MSTing of RENTfic is perfectly fine. HOWEVER, only use fic from fanfiction.net, please. Because fanfic from 'the Pit' is the best kind to MST.

Please use this form when putting up fanfic. [Or some form of it.]

Problems? Comments? Questions?
If you have any of the above, please contact your friendly, loving mods. We don't bite. Promise.

Window - lilchibibunny - aquafishnets@yahoo.com - AIM: neon window
Nina - cameraneverlies - vespas.go.vroom@gmail.com - AIM: cancermoblieaway

Just tell us who you are and what's going on, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Above all, people, HAVE FUN. Jeez, we're just here to partay.