Claims and anyone need Ana-lucia for an RP?

Claim: Ana-lucia (If no one has?)

PS: Anyone need an Ana-lucia for a Lost RP? I've been RPing for eight years, and I pretty much own the character, rotfl. I'd love to play. I'm in a Lost RP currently now, but I'd like to find some more, however, There's alot out there, so to narrow my choices, I'd like to find a few.

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Sawyer's unmentionables ;-)
Sawyer's bad-boy look
Sawyer's singing voice

*back to more Sawyer*

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baby shiloh

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Character Spots Still Open
Walter "Walt" Lloyd
Boone Carlisle
Jack Shepard
James "Sawyer" Ford

Visit the site now! These characters are sure to go fast!! As soon was we get Jack and Sawyer filled in, this community will officially start, so send your applications in today!

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Hi! New here, Just trying to claim My boy ^___^ lol

I want to claim:

Charlie ((if hes not taken))
Sawyers Accent ((its so cute! lol))
and Charlies Shoes....Hehe

Thanks! and Sorry if they have been taken :D
lost ;; charlie&jack.

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this community is really dead. so i decided to have a contest, but i will let you guys pick what the contest will be and what you have to do, so comment in this post your thoughts on what the contest should be. (ex. caption contest, icon making contest...etc.)


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Wednesday is here again

Since Lost is a rerun tonight, I'm trying to think of other things to do to keep my mind occupied while I watch it (cause it would be stupid not to watch the Sayid episode!)

1. Reading through my TV Guide (with the LOCKE cover which just makes me happy!) to see what nifty info they have on Lost. Tons of spoilers, which I enjoy, and lovely pictures AND a link to the TV Guide Lost photo gallery. While looking there, I found this Which Lost Character are You? quiz.

2. Working on some more icons

Four more under cutCollapse )

3. Working on drabbles. There is this cool new community that I'm going to put mine up at because it takes ALL fandoms. Not only can I write my Lost drabbles there (which is all I write under this LJ name) but my others can be there to. Check out drabble_redux! It has a 100-word challenge as well as a 500-word challenge each each and a GUEST FANDOM. Come check it out!

OH! And I want to claim the POLAR BEAR and DANIELLE'S MAP!

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