Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (watcher_pryce) wrote in _lost__inside_,
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

I kinda wanna slay the dragon

We made it to the alley on time. Everyone of us, to my great surprise. The only one who didn't appear to be surprised at that was Spike. Of course he was hiding it behind a cocky grin and big words. But by now I'd gotten to know the vampire. He was surprised as well. We'd have thought at least some of us wouldn't have made it.

And they would have been correct. By all rights, I should be dead. And I would've been had not Illyria shown up right on the nick of time. Death had been at my doorstep, knocking on my door. I'd even been able to taste it. I'd tasted it various times before. During the explosion of our first office building, when I got shot, when I had my throat slashed, a number of other times. But never had I tasted it as bitter as then

All of us had completed our mission. The Circle of the Black Thorn was no more. And the Senior Partners were anything but happy of course. From all of us, Gunn was in the worst shape. I'd almost assumed him dead several times during the fight that followed. The fight itself was something of a blur. I had my axe, my gun and my sword, and I used them all. Loosing count of the numbers of demons I killed. Loosing count of the number of times I nearly got killed.

Sometimes I could see Spike, or Angel, or Illyria flash by. A flurry of deadly motions and grace as they killed demon after demon. Channeling their rage and anger. I myself held back, and slayed all those who managed to get through. I was no fool. Vail had tossed me around quite a lot, and I'm only a mere mortal. I'd have stood no chance at the front lines. Best leave that to those who would. The ones with the super powers and the strength. Gunn give it as best as he could. Even after I had dragged him out of harms way. He still clutched that sword and tried to lash out. In the end I gave him a crossbow and a supply of arrows. His face lit up at the prospect of still being able to make a contribution to the fight as he shot demon after demon.

And just as quick as it started, it ended. Of course I had no idea how 'quick' my quick really was. I had lost track of time, days even. How long had we been fighting? Hours? Days? Weeks? I doubted the latter at first. Sunshine would've signaled the end and beginning of days, and would've cost Angel and Spike their unlives. But it was still raining, there was no sun. all in all, it could've been days for all we knew.

The demons were gone, only dead bodies were left littering the street. Ashes being swirled into drains, blood, slime, gore following. Some of that blood was our own. None of us came out of that fight without a couple of new scars. With the exception of perhaps Illyria. I'd seen her fighting with a rage I'd never seen before. We decided to re-group in the Hyperion. Spike took Gunn to the ER, after a lot of protesting from the man of course. But he could barely stand, so it didn't take much persuasion. The rest of us went back into the hotel, to lick our wounds. Literally and figural speaking.

After I took care of the stubborn git's wounds - 'I'm fine Wes. Vampire healing y'know - I went in search of Illyria. Vampire healing my arse. He was worse off then I was. Which made me wonder if it had been a good plan to send Spike to take Charles to the hospital. Then again, when it came to fast talking, Spike was the best of us. They'd be fine. When I found Illyria, she was standing in the courtyard of the Hyperion, studying the plants I wager. The hard rain had reduced itself to a spring shower as I stepped outside.

"Illyria? Do you need any help? With your wounds? I have the first aid kit out anyway."
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