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This place is built for moving out

Angel had sent me on a mission.

I could remember a day when Illyria, God-King of the Primordium would heed no request from man or vampire. The Earth would tremble at my very waking breath. The maggots and molecules searching desperately for small holes to crawl inside of for hiding was the only absolution once my wrath was provoked. Hiding would prolong their pathetic lifespans for precious few seconds as I sought them out through dimensions leaving only destruction in my path. There was not one solitary being more powerful than I.

The world had shifted and changed while I slept below the Earth, guarded by the truth keeper. Nightmares now were trapped inside the heeds of mortal men whereas once they roamed dimnsions freely. Fragments began coming to the surface, nesting deep in my core despite the desperation in forcing the dreadful thing away. Thing. A colloquolism these humans and half-breeds used. Things had names, even if they are lacking in sense. This had a name, a disgusting one. Feelings. Floating through the air like smoke, invading the shell's lungs. I had been infected, feelings cling to my skin like a parasite. So thick I could choke and be sick on it.

No, this was not merely following the orders of the leader despite my promise of keeping heads as trophies. This was reaping vengeance. As I was snapping fragile spines I could clearly see Hamilton's taunting face in my mind's eye. The humiliation of my defeat fueled the feeling I had learned the most about since rising again. Angel. How different from regret yet the self-destructive nature remained the same. I blamed this on the frailty of the shell and the human race in general. It was becoming rather clear to me that despite who or what I wished to blame the suffering was mine to bare alone.

Is there anything in this life but suffering?

As I destroyed my targets, a cruel smirk crossed my mouth. Thoughts long past now fresh in my mind again. I enjoyed hurting them. When Wesley had become my guide in this world he had done so only with my promise. If I wished to learn how to live in this world I must promise not to kill. Taking human lives was a fundamental moral atrocity yet one could turn a blind eye to such wrong doings if the situation called for it. It left me confused and overwhelmed loop hole by loop hole. Humans were strange creatures.

It occured to me that I may put my enemies heads on a stick. This would serve as a warning to the Wolf, Ram and Hart of what would befall all who dared cross Illyria and those I had chosen to align myself with. Before I could ponder defiling corpses for longer than the time it took for a single heart to beat, it occured to me that Wesley, Gunn and the half-breeds were within the city limits vanquishing other members of this Circle of Black Thorn. Angel had led his followers to believe that they would fail to survive their tasks. I had already proven the vampire wrong although it wasn ot beyond my comprehension that the night was far from over. I had begun to form...attatchments. They were not unpleasant to view and I wished to learn more about this world I was bound to. How was Wesley faring with the demon Vail? How curious that Angel would send my guide back to the man who had shifted memories. Winifred Burkle was compromised of thoughts and memory and yet holes existed. This was the doing of the leader.

Serve no master but ambition.

I remembered well where this Vail kept his large ornate dwelling. It took me but a few scant minutes to reach my destination. Easily I dispatched Vail's followers who were simple minded enough to impede my travel. When I reached the room it became instantly clear that Wesley was not having the same measure of success I had achieved. Vail was using tricks and sorcery to hold Wesley in his grip, levitating in the air. Vail's eyes met my gaze and I tilted my head to the side curiously.

Suddenly a knife flashed throuhg the air. Vail thought to be swifer than I in both thought and execution. Yet I possessed a grace he could not comprehend. Grabbing the knife by the handle I caught it just before it would enter Wesley's abdomen. Was this infinite truth? This one moment? It seemed the set I never could quite solve in this world. I would have to ask Wesley later. For now I was content to destroy all my enemies.

Turning around quickly I let him take in the face of his death as I buried the knife in Vail's throat. His eyes widened and his hold on Wesley immediately diminished.

"I dislike you." I admitted to Vail as I pulled the knife down, essentially splitting him in half end to end.

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