Jessica Lynette G...... (preciousjessie) wrote in _loserness_,
Jessica Lynette G......

Okay, I have a plan...

I think once I get my license, we should all go to Disney. I will pick you guys up really eary on Saturday or Sunday Sept. 24th or 25th. (Hopefully my brother will let me take his car) I think Saturday would be better because we could get back later. But I'd pick you guys up really early at like 7:30 or so, then I'd follow my mapquest dirrections to Orlando, then we'd get to Disney World. We will play all day, and you guys can show me the cool/uncool stuff. We will leave around 8:00 that night, and come home. If its Sunday, I'll take you all home. If it is Saturday, you can all spend the night at my house and we will watch your favorite Disney movies. I am planning something way ahead... I doubt it will happen, but I really want it to!
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