Jessica Lynette G...... (preciousjessie) wrote in _loserness_,
Jessica Lynette G......

Aymaya007 (3:58:01 PM): animal planet
Aymaya007 (3:58:10 PM): basset puppies on!
PreciousJessie14 (3:58:12 PM): now?
PreciousJessie14 (3:58:16 PM): ok.. h/o
PreciousJessie14 (3:59:51 PM): aaawww
PreciousJessie14 (4:00:00 PM): i can't believe i just ran upstairs for that though
Aymaya007 (4:00:10 PM): lol
PreciousJessie14 (4:00:22 PM): and i have no idea how i just knew  animal planet was on 35
Aymaya007 (4:00:50 PM): lol
I found this funny, and nobody answered my last question
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