Eh, me (mymylullaby) wrote in _loserness_,
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Aymaya007 [9:09 PM]: are we still doing a road trip?
Crzylilgirly [9:09 PM]: i dunno
Crzylilgirly [9:09 PM]: i guess so
Crzylilgirly [9:09 PM]: we havent talked about it in a really long time

Crzylilgirly [9:12 PM]: well a roadtrip could be like summer after junior year if we did
Aymaya007 [9:13 PM]: but um...
Aymaya007 [9:13 PM]: I wont be able to drive
Aymaya007 [9:13 PM]: lol
Crzylilgirly [9:13 PM]: i will
Crzylilgirly [9:13 PM]: and brandi would and jessica
Aymaya007 [9:14 PM]: i dont know if my mum will let me at 15
Aymaya007 [9:14 PM]: she might...
Aymaya007 [9:14 PM]: but i dunno because i`m her youngest

Crzylilgirly [9:14 PM]: i understand
Crzylilgirly [9:15 PM]: so we can just kinda like shelf that idea for a little bit


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