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1// Name/Email/Im: Annie/tell_me_about_it_sugar@yahoo.com/birdys in a tree
2// Birthday: may, 14,1986
3// Local: Mission Viejo, California
4// Top 5 Bands: Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, David Dondero, The international noise conspiracy, and Desaparecidos
5// Hobbies: Singing, ballet, tap and snowboarding
6// Pet Peeve: chewing w/mouth open
7// Why you want to join and why we should accept you: because, this community seems like fun and I'm pretty cute! :o)
8// How did you hear about us: On another community.
9// Describe yourself in one word: idealist
10// What makes you unique: my thoughts
11// What is your personal theme song: Brown Park - Oh holy fools: the music of son ambulance and bright eyes
12// What do you hate? Stereotypes.

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1// Name/Email/Im chelsey, scchelbel@yahoo.com, soco chelbel
2// Birthday November 4th. I'm 16 =D
3// Local parma, ohio
4// Top 5 Bands something corporate, atreyu, death cab for cutie, brand new, yellowcard
5// Hobbies hanging with friends, going to concerts, music, shopping, laying around, napping, playing at parks, local shows, dancing ((since i was 2)) and im in all the choir junk at my school.
6// Pet Peeve people who act like something they arent.. like ghetto girls, you're white, please act like it... i hate people who think they are black when the blackest thing they know is a crayola.
7// Why you want to join and why we should accept you i just wanted to join a rating communities with other cuties, and this one has some.. i hate the lame communities with ugly folk and everyone gets in.. this one is different. and im a cool gal, thats why you should accept me! lol
8// How did you hear about us on someones info that they were accepted
9// Describe yourself in one word vivid
10// What makes you unique i honestly dont care what other people think. i'm not fake like almost everyone else in the world, about anything and people dont like me for it. im confident with myself as a person as a whole, so i can be mistaken for being concieted, but it's actually just having respect for myself.
11// What is your personal theme song something corporate - punk rock princess "tell me how you just dont fit in & how you're gonna be something" i'm a punk rock princess, i dont fit in, and im going to be something i tell you.
12// Make up a question and answer it what do you hate at the very second? i hate carebears, they should perish.. im sick of everyone being obsessed with them. they are cute, but im sick of them being everywhere!!!

too lazy to bold my answers or questions. ha.

but pretty much just chelsey. 17. ohio. i love emo, fashion, & punk rock.
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