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Lords of the West

Manflesh Everyday!

For Fans of LOTR Men
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Everywhere in the LOTR fandom people are gushing about Elves and Orlando Bloom. What about the Men of Middle Earth? What about those tall and brooding Gondorians Boromir and Faramir? What about those rugged horselords of Rohan like Eomer, Theoden, and Gamling? What about those hot ranger friends of Faramir's? What about the High King of Gondor himself Aragorn Elessar? One cannot deny their hotness.

So what if they aren't androgenous with pointy ears? Who wants a man who looks like a girl and is prettier than you? Here at Lords of the West, we'll take ours tall, strong, and rugged, thank you. We like the manly men of LOTR. We love the manly men who portray them. This community was created to celebrate these Lords of the West and to appreciate all that is MAN.

This community is for daily pic posts, icon posts, news article posts, and queries concerning our favorite LOTR Men. Please enjoy yourselves, feel free to post and participate, and remember to oogle your Middle Earth Man at least twice a day!

Community Rules

1. This community is for posting pics, icons, articles, fanfiction, and general discussion of the Men of Middle Earth and the actors who portray them ONLY. If you want to pimp your community or RPG please do it somewhere else or your post will be deleted. If you ask me to affiliate, then I will be happy to allow you to pimp your community as long as you pimp mine in yours. If you wish to affiliate, just comment and ask. Any other posts not falling into these categories will be deleted or accepted at the discretion of the community moderator(s).

2. ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING ALLOWED. If you see a pic or icon you like that has been posted, then save it to your own computer and upload it to your own server. Get yourself a FREE image hosting account at Photobucket.com.

3. Play nice. NO FLAMING, rude comments, or snide behavior is allowed. I've seen it in other communities and I refuse to let that happen here. That is why I created this community in the first place. We're here to have fun, not to be nasty to each other.

4. Please post large articles, pic spams, adult content, or any other lengthy posts behind a LJ-Cut. If you do not know how to do this, go HERE to see how.

5. If you post a fic, please give proper warnings in the headers - het/slash/ficticious person/real person/ratings... etc and post behind the LJ cut. No bestiality, please. Eomer loved his horse, but NOT in that way, got it?
Thank you!




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