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How are we doing? it's been so quiet - I think right now we're all in love with Dwarves or Hobbits... I know a certain dwarf has stolen my heart these days! I was hoping to see some Men of Dale fic or something....

Speaking of MEN... how many of you are keeping up with the ALS IceBucket challenge? A lot of the Hobbit stars - and Hobbit Legos - have taken the challenge. Richard Armitage (Thorin) did his on his 43rd birthday after a grueling performance in 55 degree weather in a very nice Burbury wool suit and then proceeded to sign autographs while still wet.

Speaking of that... Viggo Mortensen - Aragon - ya'll remember Aragon


has done an icebucket challenge as well.


It can be found HERE...


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Fic: Comfortable ch 15 [complete] NC-17

Chapter 15 Turn About

Éoswith began by simply drawing patters on Gamling’s toned chest, gliding her fingers through the soft patch of copper. She tilted her head and delivered a kitten lick to his neck and smiled when he sighed. The young woman grew bold and pressed her body close, sucking on the former Captain’s earlobe. Her hand continued to slide, more firmly, across his chest, stopping to pitch a ducky nipple.

Gamling’s arm held the enchanting woman in place as she explored his body. The warm lips now moved along his jaw down the neck to the junction between throat and shoulder. The woman’s breath tickled and the older man chuckled and tilted his head trying to block access.

“Oh no,” Éoswith scolded. “We will have none of that.” To prove her point, she nipped at the soft flesh and lapped at the morsel caught between her teeth as Gamling groaned.

Delicate fingers ghosted over his abdomen. Nips and licks now peppered his chest and Gamling could not stop the sigh when the hot tip of a wicked tongue lapped at his nipple. He threaded his hands through the golden mane when lips locked on and suckled. He felt her hand glide lower, over his hip and he moved, trying to direct its path with his body. But the clever woman would have none of it and kept her hand on his thigh rubbing his muscle through the soft cotton.

Éoswith wondered how long she would be allowed to play before Gamling just grabbed her, rolled her over and thrust into her. That was the way it always was and it was rather anti-climactic for her, always the same. She wanted it to be different this time. She wanted to be in charge! Her inhibitions fell away and she began her assault in full. Pressing her body close, she slid a leg over Gamling’s while she continued to kiss his chest.

The man was pinned—though he could have escaped if he wanted too, which he did not. His heart raced as the soft body slid down his. He could feel her soft naked breasts as she moved; Éoswith had not closed the laces and Gamling was most grateful. His member twitched with need. He arched when small white teeth grazed his hip, catching the waist of his sleeping pants. Gamling clutched the sheets as quick fingers loosened the ties and helped the teeth slid the garment down and freed his member. His breath was ragged now, and desire and want burned hot in his veins. This sweet torture was beyond imagining and he warred with himself for he did not want it to stop ever, yet, his body cried for release.

Éoswith was keenly aware of the raw emotions she was evoking and marveled at Gamling’s patience. Éomer never would have let it go on so long. ‘Stop it!’ she ordered herself silently. ‘Stop comparing them! Stop thinking of what was ad focus on what is! Gamling is here, he is who you desires and it id he you wish to pleasure beyond reason.’ Éoswith’s nuzzled the base of Gamling’s cock. His musk was intoxicating. Her hand wrapped around the impressive rod and she ran her tongue up its length. She smiled as Gamling shuddered. Crouching down on her knees, Éoswith straddled Gamling’s leg and she pressed herself down so her wetness would be felt as she engulfed the ridged shaft.

Gamling fought hard to control the ecstasy building within him as his sweet Éoswith showed her wenchy side. He felt her wetness as she straddled his leg, her head bobbing up and down on his member. Aye, she was good! Lips pulled away and the wicked tongue licked from hilt to point then swirled to catch the drops it milked from the tip. With his hand still tangled in her hair, Gamling tried to regain control but he was quickly loosing the battle, he hand fondling his sacks. Suddenly, Gamling felt her shift and looking down his body, he saw her peering up at him from behind his throbbing member. Her beautiful sky blue eyes were bright with want and sparkled with mischief. He wondered about the predatory glint and seductive smirk.

Éoswith knew Gamling was more than ready and she continued to be amazed at his self-control. As it was, there was one more thing she really wanted to do. Something no other lover had allowed; men do not like to have someone else in control. Men do not like to be less than dominant. The young woman wondered it that mentality changed with age. Perhaps Gamling would allow her this one indulgence, just once. There was only one way to know so, finding her courage, she spoke the words that often had her lovers chuckle as they thrust into her.

“Will you let me ride?” the woman purred from between his legs. No man had ever given up the control. It was always she who was ridden.

‘Oh dear Béma! May there be no end to this sweet torture,’ Gamling thought. “If that is your desire,” he replied between labored breaths. He watched in awe as the young woman moved into position and pulled her nightshirt over her head. She now kneeled over his shaft in all her naked glory. Gamling reached for her.

“You will not turn the tide, will you?” she asked, tilting her head as she regarded him.

“No. I will gladly let you ride, but do so now.” He needed her, needed to fill her, and to be honest, the thought of her riding him was the most erotic thing he could imagine at the moment. It had been a long time since he was ridden and the notion thrilled him.

Éoswith leaned forward and captured Gamling’s lips in a searing kiss as she lowered herself. Oh it felt so different this way, so incredible! She moaned into the kiss and Gamling immediately deepened the kiss, his arms wrapping around her as she slid him deeper, then in and out in a painstakingly slow rhythm. She broke the kiss and sat up, her hands resting on his chest. She began to ride him in earnest now, her full breasts bouncing to the rhythm. Gamling held her hips steady, but let her ride as hard as she wanted.

Cries and grunts of passion filled the night. Gamling bent his legs so he could thrust up in counter action to her down thrust and she rewarded him with cries of pleasure. The pace quickened and Gamling knew he would not last much longer so moving his hand forward, from her hip, he pressed his thumb against her clit so that with each bounce he rubbed that pleasure spot. Soon the pace was frantic and with a cry and a final thrust on his part, they came, together. Éoswith arched against Gamling’s knees as waves of pleasure swept over her. Gamling sank into the bed panting. Éoswith flopped forward, still on her knees, Gamling’s softened member slipping from her. She nuzzled his neck and relished his arms coming around her body.

Their love-making was like nothing Éoswith had ever experienced. Gamling had managed to kick of his sleeping pants and now held her so very close. She slid to the side, her leg still draped over the tall man’s thighs. She was a mess, sweaty and sticky but so comfortable, clean up would just have to wait. Gamling made no attempt to move so he must also be content to stay as they are.

The fire dwindled, the passion subsided, and soon only the sounds of crickets and the gentle deep breathing of the lovers filled then night air.

Sometime in the late night, Gamling woke. He smiled as he spooned against Éoswith, his hand comfortably holding her breast. He kissed her neck gently.

Éoswith woke, suddenly aware and embarrassed t. “I am sorry, I fell asleep,” Éoswith apologetically as she shifted in Gamling’s embrace.

The former Captain chuckled. “Why would you apologize? I did as well.”

“Well,” she moved onto her back so she could look at him, “I just thought…I mean it was only once…”

Now Gamling laughed aloud and crushed the sweet woman to him as he kissed the crown of her head. “Last night was wonderful! Once is fine and drifting to sleep with you in my arms was one of the best parts.”

Éoswith stared for a moment then only nodded, fearing her voice might fail her as tears stung her eyes. How completely different; Éomer would have woken her to engage in another round and then snuck away as she slept! Never had anyone said anything so wonderful to her. After a moment, she spoke hesitantly, “Gamling, you are welcome to stay here until you decide what you want to do.”

Gamling caressed her shoulder, delivering a kiss to her soft lips. “I know what I want if you are agreeable. I have no desire to go elsewhere,” he replied softly. “I am quite comfortable here.”

Éoswith smiled. “Gamling?”


“I love you.”

“And I you. Now sleep. I will be here when you wake.”


Fic: Comfortable ch 13-14 {nc-17}

Chapter 13 A Good Night’s Rest

Éoswith combed through her long hair. She did not know why her hand shook. Gamling was right; they had slept on the couch together many times in the past few months. Of course, on the couch they were sitting, not laying curled in each others embrace. She left her hair down for the moment and moved to the bed. She was not sure what this night held…or whether she was truly ready for anything.

Gamling climbed the small set of stairs that lead to Éoswith’s bedroom. When he reached the door, the young woman was just turning down the bed sheets. Gamling stood and just watched. She was clothed in a modest, knee-length cotton shift. Her bade arms were toned but had a wonderful softness. Gamling could not recall a time when he has seen her long dark golden hair down. He liked it and his fingers itched to pull through it. Although he knew this was right, this was where he should be, the retired Captain could not stop the sudden plummet of his stomach as a hint of doubt assailed him. He only planned on holding her yet that thought alone thrilled and terrified him to no end. He cleared this throat.

“Gamling!” Éoswith looked up startled. She felt foolish. Collapse )
Surelinde & Namo

Fic: Comfortble ch 12

Chapter 12 No Trouble

The kiss was chaste and over much too soon for Éoswith’s tastes. Stunned by the turn of events and uncertain about the happenings between Gamling and the king, she asked in a quivering voice, “Shall we sit by the fire? You could then explain what has transpired,” she added quickly.

The pair moved inside as the sun began to set. Gamling tended the fire as Éoswith retrieved a tankard of ale for him and cider for herself. They again sat on the worn couch, Éoswith’s arm through the older man’s and her head on his shoulder. She waited for him to speak. At long length, he began.

“Théoden King and I held council before leaving for the war,” he said quietly, staring into the flames. “I had served him a long time, most of my life actually; even when I was married. Always the call of duty came first and while my wife supported me and accepted my duties, I always felt she was cheated. When she passed, I was left with nothing but that duty. Over time, I grew weary and before we left for the war, I asked Théoden to accept my retirement should I survive the battle. Honestly, I never thought to come home.”

Éoswith snuggled closer. What a horrible thought! Still, she knew that most who left felt that way—Éomer included. Edoras believed when the smoke cleared they would have a new queen, Lady Éowyn. There was great turmoil when she was found missing for if all three perished, Rohan would have fallen into chaos! Blue eyes scrunched closed, trying to block out the unpleasant thoughts. Collapse )

Fic: Comfortable ch 10-11 (Gamling and such)

Chapter 10 He’s Not Here!

Eoswith sat on the worn couch with her cup of tea and listened to the howling wind. There was a storm brewing. Again today, a Rider came to inquire about Gamling. Why the King would not believe her that the former Captain was not there and she could not be certain of his location was beside her. Granted, she did not mention he planned to visit his sister. After all, who’s to say he did? She sighed. Gamling could be anywhere and at the moment, she wished he was with her, curled before the fire. The couch was far less comfortable when the Captain was not around. It was thoughts like that that made her wonder about his trip. It sounded like he planned it before the whole thing with Éomer erupted. Perhaps his trip was not to escape the King, but rather her. The older man had been spending a lot of time with her, tending to the farm. Perhaps he had begun to feel uncomfortable; she did cling to him. Perhaps he just needed to get away but did not wish to hurt her.

“That’s it, isn’t it,” she said to the empty room. She stood and stoked the fire. “I scared him away. Clung to him like a child needing a protector.” She snorted and plopped back down.

She knew it was not the case at least, she hoped it was not. She never begged him to stay. It was an open invitation. He chose to stay of his own volition. She enjoyed his company and got the impression it was mutually agreeable.

“Gamling would not have come around if he did not want to and you know it,” she stated aloud. “Yes, I needed consoling at first, but I am over him; Éomer was not true love and it never would have been. Béma did me a favor…” she glanced up at the ceiling and added, “could have been a little nicer about it though.” She smiled and took a sip of tea. “Oh Gamling. I miss you. Not because I cannot stand to be along or because I am afraid. I miss you because my heart belongs to you; I understand that now. Please come home; I need to know how you feel. ” She sighed. “Look at me! Talking to myself again.” Collapse )

Fic: Comfortable ch9

Title: Comfortable
Author: Gwaelinn
Beta: Elledansgirl
Genre: FPH
Characters: Gamling, Éomer, OFC, Lothiriel
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Third age—War of the Ring
Setting: Rohan
Warnings: heartache
Summary: Éomer was a simple man before the War. Now Théoden King is dead and Éomer has new responsibilities. Unfortunately blinded by grief and a sense of duty he hurts those closest to him as he accepts his role of King of Rohan.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and locations are the sole property of Professor Tolkien’s Estate save those (and there are several here) I have added from my own imagining. This is written only for pleasure and I gain no profit for my efforts.
Author’s notes: Okay, after reading “What if” stories about Éomer having a relationship before the war and then sending poor Gamling to tell the girl he was marrying Lothiriel, I felt bad for our handsome, loyal Rider so…Sorry to the Éomer lovers out there—this does not make Éomer very loveable and Gamling gets the spoils!

Chapter 9 A Sister’s Wisdom

**Nearly A moon’s cycle later on a small homestead near Helm’s Deep**

“Must be quite a woman for you to miss the supper bell,” Gamling’s sister said as she approached the tall man.
Gamling dropped his head with a smirk but continued to lean against the fence. He had been watching the horses play when his mind began to drift to a small farm in Edoras. He had found himself thinking of Éoswith more and more with each passing day. Still, he refused to return early. He needed things to cool down; give her a chance to cope on her own. When he left she felt he was her life line and needed him desperately. However, she would eventually get over Éomer and her heart would move on. Gamling would not be able to stand the pain should she realized her feelings for the older man were nothing more than desperation. Better to give her room now.

However, his feeling for her had not cooled and it was not fatherly protectiveness on his part. He had, despite all attempts not to, fallen in love with her. A gentle hand on his shoulder drew Gamling from his thoughts and he turned to look into the compassionate eyes of his sister. As twins, they shared an unspoken understanding and she understood now. Collapse )
Surelinde & Namo

Fic: Comfortable ch8 (Gamilng, Eomer, Lothiriel, OFC)

Chapter 8 Good For Us Both

Quietly Gamling entered the cottage. Éoswith turned as the door closed with a click.

“Oh Gamling, I am so sorry.” Sky-blue blue eyes filled with tears. “This is all my fault! I cannot believe he…he…he has…it’s not right!” Éoswith’s voice failed as she finally let down her emotional barriers.

Gamling crossed the floor in three long strides, gathering the distraught woman in his arms. Kissing the crown of her head tenderly he whispered, “You have no blame in this. This is between Éomer and me.”

“But…but,” she hiccupped, “You have been dismissed and for nothing more than the kindness…”

“Shh, now. It is not as bad as all that. I had planned to leave after the war. I decided to delay till Éomer could get settled; then all this happened.”

“So you *are* leaving?” Éoswith snaked her arms around Gamling’s waist, not wanting to let go. He had been her companion and support these past few months; she could not bear the thought of him leaving.

Gamling sighed. “For a little while. It has been some time since I saw my sister. I thought to go there for a moon’s cycle. It will give things here a chance to settle.”

Éoswith tilted her head up a bit. “What shall I do with out you?” She cringed; she sounded so needy.

Gamling pressed his lip to the side of her head. “I need to get way for a while, figure some things out. I promise I will come back. It will be good for us both.” Gamling felt her arms tighten about him. “Come, let us sit by the fire. I do not need to leave till morning.” Collapse )

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas y'all!!!

Are you ready for the onslaught? I'm not. Not at all. I think the only things I've managed on my Christmas Bucket list is

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I liked it better than the 1st installment. We saw this one in 3D and that will be the last time I do that! LOL! For those who don't know, I'm legally blind in one eye (I do have peripheral) but the effects are pretty much lost on me (only the bees in Beorn's house popped out at me - but not the spiders or the dragon.) so the movie was slightly out of focus for me. It was mine and Spawn's birthday gifts to each other and we'll see it again right after New Year's.... after pay day!

And I hope I didn't spoil for anyone... I mean, honestly people!!! Either way... I'm currently writing Guy of Gisborne fic and Thorin fic and I might get back around to Rohirrim fic sometime next year! In the meantime, I"m enjoying the reread of Gwailin's Gamling fic and if anyone is in the mood to write Bard fic... well that will be good too!

Tomorrow, I head to the grocery store to buy a ham for Christmas dinner. I still have a small turkey left over in the freezer, so we'll use it. (Love sales!!! I bought it a Publix for .59 a pound. That was pretty awesome!)

Either way, if I don't make it back, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, Feliz Navidad, Happy Day off work... Be thankful for what you have. I have learned this year that no matter how bad I think I have it... someone has it worse.