mod update

Do you pay more attention when "mod" is in the subject line?
I didn't think so. That's okay.

Oh say, say, say. (The photo portion of this update)Collapse )

I like the idea of everyone making banners. We have two, and they're pretty. But we need more. ::waves arms:: Pay attention to me. Make banners. It's like pulling teeth to make sure people read these assignments. And do the theme, please. Fire. Jeez.

Thanks ♥

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The 6 or so of us need to promote the HELL out of this community.

But, uh...we need banners. Or something. Anyone have Photoshop/PSP skills besides me?

I got-unlazy and made a possible banner.

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Hey kids, I'm new to the class. I prefer to remain a bit mysterious, but maybe my photos will show a little about my personality. Or you can just check my userinfo...whatever floats your boat.

I'll be posting photos very very soon.


The lengths that I will go to in order to avoid research are amazing.

This week/month/semester's theme is

Fire and/or Water

Take pictures of things that involve fire/water. They don't have to be in the same picture, or even in the same post. It's either, or.

You have your theme, now go and take part in it.

Also, promote. I bet a lot more people would join if they knew we existed.