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Hey all--just thought I should let you know that there is a new Wiki-type site out there for genealogy! WeRelate is a brand new site that allows people to upload gedcom files, post pictures, start family or person pages and more. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I think its going to become an excellent resource! Check it out!
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Getting It Together

I've created a few sites to help me stay organized and back up my information. :: my family tree :: my family website. this has more detailed information about each member of my family. its new, so it has new information almost daily right now. :: my organization site on MSN. this has links to the other sites, my genealogy-specific hotmail account (, photos, MSN genealogy group links and a blog.

If any of you have sites you'd like to share, please feel free!

Any Ideas?

My name is Rachel and I'm new to this group. I've been working on genealogy for about two years now and I've come to a brick wall that perhaps somebody can give me some suggestions on what to do.

William H. Gardner
b. about 1843 possibly in Michigan
m. unknown woman most likely 1866-1869
d. 1873 in Johnson County, Arkansas

fact 1: enlisted in the Civil War in Warren County, Iowa 1863; discharged 1866.
I contacted the NARA about getting his civil war records and they sent me the wrong person twice. I was then told that they didn't have any record of him.

fact 2: He and his wife went to Johnson County, Arkansas in the spring of 1873 with their 2 children Charles (4) and Ollie (2). The wife got sick and died. William went to work at a sawmill and was ambushed, shot, and killed on the way back to his children.

I haven't been able to find him for sure in any census as he would only be in the 1850, 1860 and 1870. I found a possible match in the 1860 census, but the age and place of birth are off.

I have been told that there was a coroner's inquest into his death, but I haven't been able to track that down yet.

I do have a picture of him and his wife, but I'm not sure when or where it was taken.
Any help or ideas anybody may have would be greatly appreciated.
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A poem!

I found this on the webpage of one of my distant relatives, and thought we could all relate to it!

The Elusive Ancestor

I went seaching for an ancetor. I cannot find him still
He moved around from place to place and did not leave a will
He married where a courthouse burned. He mended all his fences.
He avoided any man who came to take the U.S. Census !!!!
He always kept his luggage packed, this man who had no fame.
And every 20 years or so, this rascal changed his name.
His parents came from Europe. They should be upon some list.
Of passage to the USA, but somehow they got missed.
And no one else in this world is searching for this man
So I play geneasolitaire to fine him if I can.
I'm told he's buried in a plot, with tombstone he was blessed,
But the weather took engraving, and some vandals took the rest.
He died before the county clerks decided to keep records.
No Family Bible has emerged, in spite of all my efforts.
To top it off this ancestor, who caused me many groans,
Just to give one more pain, bethrothed a girl named JONES.

By Merrell Kenworthy
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While its not as grand as it sounds, I have traced my father's ancestors all the way back to Charlemagne! This should be quite exciting, to find royalty in one's line, but the fact is, EVERYONE is descended from Charlemagne. Everyone of European descent, that is. Still, it is exciting that I can go back that far and beyond, thanks to royalty keeping far better genealogical records than anyone else. I've source-checked over and over, and this line seems dead-on, though once I got past Charlemagne, some disagreements started popping up. I plan to go to the library this weekend to see what I can find on his ancestors. How exciting that I have reached the 500's!! What is the furthest back you've been able to reach, with reliable sources?

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Help! Again!

I know I've probably asked for help on this before, but after months of searching, I still haven't broken this wall down!

I am looking for my great-grandfather...oh, what a chore!

I know he's deceased. I know his name was Robert Christie, though I don't know that he was born with that surname (its possible that his STEPfather was Christie, but no one is positive). I know he spent the majority of his life in Illinois, and I know that he never legally married my great grandmother, Marie Trowbridge. I know that their only child together was my grandfather, also Robert Christie.

Unfortunately, this is all I know. He was an absent father, so my grandfather only knows the above info as well.

My grandfather was born in 1932, and he says that his parents had him young, so I am guessing my G-G'paw was born sometime between 1910-1915. My G-G'ma was born in 1913, so this helps with the guesstimation as well.

*sigh* I reeeeeally want to break this wall down. If anyone can help, or give me some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Hi Everyone

I am new to this site and would appreciate any and all help I can get to trace My Elusive Family.

I am having trouble locating my Pendlebury ancestor, born in India, emmigrated to Nova Scotia in or around 1910. Since he died when my Mom was young, there is not a whole lot of info on him.
He was born in Kamptee, India Feb. 29, 1892. I don't know if he was army or Civilian worker for East India Company. Help!!!

I keep running into a brick wall and out of ideas.
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Friend Found!

I just wanted to let you all know that a very dear friend from my past found me recently by using--she said--PeopleFinder. I'm not sure what she is referring to (I'll ask her when we speak next), as the only PeopleFinder website I could find was American, and we are Canadian. Is anyone familiar with a Canadian version?

In any case, it was great to be found, and I hope you are all having luck in your searches! Keep us updated!
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