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in the mystical world of DRAGONMAW

once upon a time there was white dude in robes named BACKUP who was pimpin 3 ho'z. [2 humans ++ 1night elf] females they traveled out a city built in the ground witha fire pit in ther somewhere but ppl were moving slowly. then this pipmpen aprty traverse'd arctic roads and many hills and boars to get to a lake. on the way the white dude in robes showed an interest in botany and flowers witch he would sell in said underground city. the aprty spawn camped a camp of stoneplitters scouts collecting many teethes and linen which the pimp made bags for the ladys. but not the laady know as Thevag becasue she logged off to hang out with dan wagner. dan wagner might be related to nightcrawler becasue they have the same last names but i could be mistaken. dan isnt that blue but quite furry.


the moral of this story is that a kid anmed mark glowacky not mike spitacky or matt goldberrie likes chocolate chip pancakes.

aslo read prince caspian but only up to chapter 8 and only watch season 1 of fox show firefly up to episode tres.


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