November 2nd, 2005

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Ok, so the reason I have not posted anything in a long time, (Along with other workers) is because we all just backfrom the largest battle of our lives.

We were working together one night, SamK, SamP, Matt, and my self. Things seemed pretty normal, until this one family came and and ordered 500000000 beers, 60000 specials, 37785 BLT's on tosted bread, and a cookie (which they didnt know they could take them selves.)

So anyway, we were all in a fluster because it was a big order, and since Mark was not there to summon Baruce, we were low on options. After 36 years labour, we were done. Each of us only at 1% health. So we finish ringing the order, and he payes with credit. But as I looked at the slip, I realised he drew a huge X in where we get tips.

I rushed over to SamK to show her, and we both become so angered, we run over to Matt and SamP demanding something to be done.

So we all took out our Anadama loafs of power and held them together.

SamK gained the power of Super Strength.

SamP gained the power of Jet pack feet.

Matt gained the power of Psy.

And Mel, gained the Power of Laz0r eyes.

Enraged, we all turned to the Guy who was on his way out, and suddenly, his skin melted away to show that he was really a T-rex. He grew to 10000 times his normal size, breaking through the roof.

Peices of the ceiling fell towards us. I did my best to blast away the peices comming towards me, but SamP carried SamK as she collected all the peices.

Matt sent a mighty blast of Psy Energy into the T-Rex which shot him into space. All then lathced onto SamP and we followed him. Once there we combined all our powers into one power strike and the Dino blew up, sending candy and Mr. Doucets.

SamK was happy.

And thats why we have not posted in a while.