ihaveapet_hydra (ihaveapet_hydra) wrote in _loafnladle,

Some serious shit is going down at the Loaffe and Ladelle. A ghost attempted to claim my life on Sunday by drowning me in Poppy Seed dressing, but a Feta-bot sacrificed its life for me.

Then on Wednesday, there was poison in my turkey sandwich and mercury on my skin, and I think the thermostat has it in for me. Either that or it's possesed by said ghost. There are also stains on the stainless steel sink that look suspiciously like blood. Or maybe rust.

Then a swarm of hundreds of bugs came into the Loaf and Sam barely escaped alive. Sarah valiantly swatted bug after bug while I cried on the lift. Sam and Sarah had beaten me up earlier, becuase I am a girl. They all landed on a light and died, however. THERE'S ONE ON MY FUCKING MONITOR RIGHT NOW WHAT THE FUCK I'M DEAD SERIOUS IT JUST WALKED OVER THIS SENTENCE. I'M NOT SHITTING YOU I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP WHAT THE FUCK. I"M GOING TO BED JESUS FUCK THIS

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    where all my loaf n trollz at? i arrive home from college on tuesday around 5pm.

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    Ok, so the reason I have not posted anything in a long time, (Along with other workers) is because we all just backfrom the largest battle of our…

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    today, i got to work with matt and tom and mel, and it was fuckin fun. its ben a mattful week, and it's been fun. 10 million people came in, and…

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