Mic Master Millhouse (_baruceisbackup) wrote in _loafnladle,
Mic Master Millhouse

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so wahts going on with everybody back home and away. i ahve heard from a bird at my window that skel actually does deal coke. jake and alex have joined the navy. AJ works and pimps it. and the sweenys are moving.

and sam how could you not air mail me the chix corn chowdah you douche bag, pardon my french.

my campus store carries jones soda and snapple apple and i spend all me raven dollars on it.

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    where all my loaf n trollz at? i arrive home from college on tuesday around 5pm.

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    Ok, so the reason I have not posted anything in a long time, (Along with other workers) is because we all just backfrom the largest battle of our…

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    today, i got to work with matt and tom and mel, and it was fuckin fun. its ben a mattful week, and it's been fun. 10 million people came in, and…

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