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Never Enough Hippie part only once

            First I got to start off by apoligizing. Last profile soem douche bag who calls himself xlotr_kid_04x totally called Deaner a name dropper. This LotR kid has since been banned by the Admin. Well not really becasue he sorta is the Admin.
                  Now onto the next profile in Series 2 of People in my Loaf Life. In this installment we examine a certain Miss Sarah Peters.
                  *crowd applauds*
                  typle /clap for you MMORPG lame heads.

                1. Name: Sarh "hippie, nope." Peters
                2. Age: 24
                3. Average Shoe Size: 7 1/2 womens
                4. Favorite Color: Maroon 5
                5. Favorite Soup(s): mulglitony
                6. Little Known Fact: lazer beam eyes
                7. Loaf Moment: One time I pushed Dean down the basement steps while he was carrying two full five gallon buckets of beef chili. Andy yelled at him and made him clean up the mess. There wasn't much of a mess since most of the beef chili had turned into legos on impact and Jake Gobbi was already hard at work on his new boat, a 1/4 scale replica of the USS Constitution. I don't know how or why he was exactly down there, but that definately happened. Wait who in darnation is Jack Gorbi. I'm confused.
                8. Eight?:  Sarah-"WHAT THE FUCK IS THREE INCHES OF BLOOD... oh yeah that thing becasue you get to splash around in pools of crimson red blood puddles."
                9. Why don't you like Tim: "oh... b/c he lazy" *tim walks by* tim-"Sarah i finished all my task and most of yours is there anytinh else I can help anyonoe with"
                10. Smoker and if so, Favorite Brand: Yes. Yellow Spirits.
                11. Horde or Alliance: I spent one year here as a soup scooper. They wouldn't let me join there guild. I tryed looting every kind of soup but still nothing. Soup must be a very rare drop from a stove full of soup. Then some Undead Sandwich fagget ganked me when i was in contested territory by the goober. I got rex sickness and by all means I wasn't "DOWN WITH THIS SICKNESS."

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                  where all my loaf n trollz at? i arrive home from college on tuesday around 5pm.

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