Mic Master Millhouse (_baruceisbackup) wrote in _loafnladle,
Mic Master Millhouse

Series #1 plz comment about Dean.

P>A couple months ago, I started to comprise a Dossier file on everyone who is related to my life at the Loaf and Ladle. About a day after I had finshed the first series, I lost them in a shootout with some of the Oak Branch Boyz down under the bridge on Hayride..., Hagrid..., WTF is the name of that street I drive on to get to my house. Whatever, onward with the story. I finnally found them again underneith my TV while cleaning my room. Here they are. I will post Deans first since like everyday i see him he complains that when he checks LJ on his iMac he hasn't seen his profile up yet, then he procedes to jump fuck the air... Yeah i dont know, must be some way of saying hello.</p>

  1. Name: Dean, D-REX, Deanosaurus Flex, Dean Dean the Mowing Machine (lawns).

  2. Age: 19 years old.

  3. Average Shoe Size: 11 mens

  4. Favorite Color: Green looks Hott on my Bitches

  5. Favorite Soup(s): Potato Pesto with extra Tim

  6. Little Known Fact: I am a closet non-smoker. Plus I am like Super, Mega Gay.

  7. Loaf Moment: When Mark took it over and turned it into a treehouse with nothing to sell.

  8. Eight?: Yes, definately Green.

  9. Why don't you like Tim: It's just a front to disguise the fact that I want to sprinkle him on potato pesto everytime I see him. How embarassing.

  10. Smoker and if so, Favorite Brand: Yes. GPC ultra-lites 150s Menthol. Becasue I have many, many cats and no shame.

  11. Horde or Alliance: One time I pledged 60 hours of volunteer work to Nickelodeon, and allthough the work did not in fact benefit their business at all, I thought they would have my back after 60 hours of petting infants adn breastfeeding dogs. I ahve been beaten up 5 times since. I'm on my own.

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