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Ok, so the reason I have not posted anything in a long time, (Along with other workers) is because we all just backfrom the largest battle of our lives.

We were working together one night, SamK, SamP, Matt, and my self. Things seemed pretty normal, until this one family came and and ordered 500000000 beers, 60000 specials, 37785 BLT's on tosted bread, and a cookie (which they didnt know they could take them selves.)

So anyway, we were all in a fluster because it was a big order, and since Mark was not there to summon Baruce, we were low on options. After 36 years labour, we were done. Each of us only at 1% health. So we finish ringing the order, and he payes with credit. But as I looked at the slip, I realised he drew a huge X in where we get tips.

I rushed over to SamK to show her, and we both become so angered, we run over to Matt and SamP demanding something to be done.

So we all took out our Anadama loafs of power and held them together.

SamK gained the power of Super Strength.

SamP gained the power of Jet pack feet.

Matt gained the power of Psy.

And Mel, gained the Power of Laz0r eyes.

Enraged, we all turned to the Guy who was on his way out, and suddenly, his skin melted away to show that he was really a T-rex. He grew to 10000 times his normal size, breaking through the roof.

Peices of the ceiling fell towards us. I did my best to blast away the peices comming towards me, but SamP carried SamK as she collected all the peices.

Matt sent a mighty blast of Psy Energy into the T-Rex which shot him into space. All then lathced onto SamP and we followed him. Once there we combined all our powers into one power strike and the Dino blew up, sending candy and Mr. Doucets.

SamK was happy.

And thats why we have not posted in a while.

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today, i got to work with matt and tom and mel, and it was fuckin fun.

its ben a mattful week, and it's been fun.

10 million people came in, and matt was a loaf and ladle delivery boy!

then the ghost turned off the lights and matt cried in the lift.

then, the dishes ate mel, and tom and i got scrubbles and washed the floor so the health inspector doesnt hate us forever.

and, i talked to a british lady on the phone.

she said 'surname'.

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Some serious shit is going down at the Loaffe and Ladelle. A ghost attempted to claim my life on Sunday by drowning me in Poppy Seed dressing, but a Feta-bot sacrificed its life for me.

Then on Wednesday, there was poison in my turkey sandwich and mercury on my skin, and I think the thermostat has it in for me. Either that or it's possesed by said ghost. There are also stains on the stainless steel sink that look suspiciously like blood. Or maybe rust.

Then a swarm of hundreds of bugs came into the Loaf and Sam barely escaped alive. Sarah valiantly swatted bug after bug while I cried on the lift. Sam and Sarah had beaten me up earlier, becuase I am a girl. They all landed on a light and died, however. THERE'S ONE ON MY FUCKING MONITOR RIGHT NOW WHAT THE FUCK I'M DEAD SERIOUS IT JUST WALKED OVER THIS SENTENCE. I'M NOT SHITTING YOU I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP WHAT THE FUCK. I"M GOING TO BED JESUS FUCK THIS

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so wahts going on with everybody back home and away. i ahve heard from a bird at my window that skel actually does deal coke. jake and alex have joined the navy. AJ works and pimps it. and the sweenys are moving.

and sam how could you not air mail me the chix corn chowdah you douche bag, pardon my french.

my campus store carries jones soda and snapple apple and i spend all me raven dollars on it.
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Never Enough Hippie part only once

            First I got to start off by apoligizing. Last profile soem douche bag who calls himself xlotr_kid_04x totally called Deaner a name dropper. This LotR kid has since been banned by the Admin. Well not really becasue he sorta is the Admin.
                  Now onto the next profile in Series 2 of People in my Loaf Life. In this installment we examine a certain Miss Sarah Peters.
                  *crowd applauds*
                  typle /clap for you MMORPG lame heads.

                1. Name: Sarh "hippie, nope." Peters
                2. Age: 24
                3. Average Shoe Size: 7 1/2 womens
                4. Favorite Color: Maroon 5
                5. Favorite Soup(s): mulglitony
                6. Little Known Fact: lazer beam eyes
                7. Loaf Moment: One time I pushed Dean down the basement steps while he was carrying two full five gallon buckets of beef chili. Andy yelled at him and made him clean up the mess. There wasn't much of a mess since most of the beef chili had turned into legos on impact and Jake Gobbi was already hard at work on his new boat, a 1/4 scale replica of the USS Constitution. I don't know how or why he was exactly down there, but that definately happened. Wait who in darnation is Jack Gorbi. I'm confused.
                8. Eight?:  Sarah-"WHAT THE FUCK IS THREE INCHES OF BLOOD... oh yeah that thing becasue you get to splash around in pools of crimson red blood puddles."
                9. Why don't you like Tim: "oh... b/c he lazy" *tim walks by* tim-"Sarah i finished all my task and most of yours is there anytinh else I can help anyonoe with"
                10. Smoker and if so, Favorite Brand: Yes. Yellow Spirits.
                11. Horde or Alliance: I spent one year here as a soup scooper. They wouldn't let me join there guild. I tryed looting every kind of soup but still nothing. Soup must be a very rare drop from a stove full of soup. Then some Undead Sandwich fagget ganked me when i was in contested territory by the goober. I got rex sickness and by all means I wasn't "DOWN WITH THIS SICKNESS."
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                Series #1 plz comment about Dean.

                P>A couple months ago, I started to comprise a Dossier file on everyone who is related to my life at the Loaf and Ladle. About a day after I had finshed the first series, I lost them in a shootout with some of the Oak Branch Boyz down under the bridge on Hayride..., Hagrid..., WTF is the name of that street I drive on to get to my house. Whatever, onward with the story. I finnally found them again underneith my TV while cleaning my room. Here they are. I will post Deans first since like everyday i see him he complains that when he checks LJ on his iMac he hasn't seen his profile up yet, then he procedes to jump fuck the air... Yeah i dont know, must be some way of saying hello.</p>

                1. Name: Dean, D-REX, Deanosaurus Flex, Dean Dean the Mowing Machine (lawns).

                2. Age: 19 years old.

                3. Average Shoe Size: 11 mens

                4. Favorite Color: Green looks Hott on my Bitches

                5. Favorite Soup(s): Potato Pesto with extra Tim

                6. Little Known Fact: I am a closet non-smoker. Plus I am like Super, Mega Gay.

                7. Loaf Moment: When Mark took it over and turned it into a treehouse with nothing to sell.

                8. Eight?: Yes, definately Green.

                9. Why don't you like Tim: It's just a front to disguise the fact that I want to sprinkle him on potato pesto everytime I see him. How embarassing.

                10. Smoker and if so, Favorite Brand: Yes. GPC ultra-lites 150s Menthol. Becasue I have many, many cats and no shame.

                11. Horde or Alliance: One time I pledged 60 hours of volunteer work to Nickelodeon, and allthough the work did not in fact benefit their business at all, I thought they would have my back after 60 hours of petting infants adn breastfeeding dogs. I ahve been beaten up 5 times since. I'm on my own.

                in the mystical world of DRAGONMAW

                once upon a time there was white dude in robes named BACKUP who was pimpin 3 ho'z. [2 humans ++ 1night elf] females they traveled out a city built in the ground witha fire pit in ther somewhere but ppl were moving slowly. then this pipmpen aprty traverse'd arctic roads and many hills and boars to get to a lake. on the way the white dude in robes showed an interest in botany and flowers witch he would sell in said underground city. the aprty spawn camped a camp of stoneplitters scouts collecting many teethes and linen which the pimp made bags for the ladys. but not the laady know as Thevag becasue she logged off to hang out with dan wagner. dan wagner might be related to nightcrawler becasue they have the same last names but i could be mistaken. dan isnt that blue but quite furry.


                the moral of this story is that a kid anmed mark glowacky not mike spitacky or matt goldberrie likes chocolate chip pancakes.

                aslo read prince caspian but only up to chapter 8 and only watch season 1 of fox show firefly up to episode tres.

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                HOW MY ARM WAS BROKEN. by mark

                i tottally was being all gnarly and stuff and i tryed to jump 15 flaming buses with lazer orphanns in them but when i landed, two orcs jumped outa no where and broke my arm b/c i won too much at their casino. they'll pay in blood. KILL THE ORCS, SLAY THE ORCS, DESTROY THE ORCS!!!!!!!