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Step #1.

1. We hate fuglies.
2. You must be at least 14.
3. Everything must be placed under an LJ-Cut. Don't know how to use one? Learn or get out.
4. Do not vote/comment on other entries until stamped as accepted.
5. We're harsh, get over it.
6. Respect your mods. We fucking own.
7. If you're accepted, put "stamped" in the subject line.
8. iF u TyPe LyKe DiS, you should:
a. Not join this community.
b. Commit suicide.

Step #2:

Here's the HTML for your application. If you fuck it up, I'll delete your application and you're automatically rejected.


<*lj-cut text*="LYKE OMFG! I'M NEW!"*>





<*b*>Favorite Bands:<*/b*>

<*b*>Tell us why you're better than everyone else:<*/b*>

<*b*>include FIVE+ good quality photos of yourself:<*/b*><*/lj-cut*>