It's been a while. x-post or... whatever.

Click on the picture.

The most of you that do this, the faster I can get my Rebel XT, and the faster I'll have more pictures up! ^_^

Thank you!!

Oh expect a few more pictures very soon.

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alright, i'm somewhat dissapointed in this community. basically because it isn't very active, and that's no one's fault - we're not allowed to promote, ever. i'm thinking about adopting minor_intervals as a co-mod, but me being a co-mod i'm not sure if i have the power to do that, and i'm not exactly sure what ever happened to our main mod. what i'm trying to say is, i'm going to try and make this community more active, and minor_intervals, i'll get back to you about being a co-mod.

in other news, i got my 15th piercing yesterday.

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