angelic fruitcake (bemusing) wrote in _ljfeud_,
angelic fruitcake

LJ Feud #3 Blooper Reel!

Your humble moderators would like to remind you that LJ Feud #4 will begin Monday, August 22nd at 9:00am Eastern Time. Be there or be boxlike!

Here are the answers that while clever, odd, or just plain weird, did not make it to the top of the lists.

Name a type of animal kept as an exotic pet
Count D - a famous impaling vampire as a pet? Tres exotic.
Skunk - really? I hope you have plenty o' tomato juice on hand.

Name a reason you would not go to a party
Fear of ducks - Afraid they'll eat all the cheese and quackers?? Ahem. Sorry.
Fun - yes, yes, must avoid fun at all costs. must whittle and tend to the cats. no fun for Jebidiah.

Name something you wiggle
yer junk - dingdingding! the winner of bemusing's favorite answer of the week award!
I don't know. :/ - *buzzer* thanks for not playing.
worm - I wonder if the worm likes this wigglization?

Name a classic movie monster
Me - Well yes, now I'm scared of your ego.

That's all folks, thanks for playing and see you next week!

Official Mean Judge (as I've been told!)
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