angelic fruitcake (bemusing) wrote in _ljfeud_,
angelic fruitcake

LJ Feud #7, Day 4

Our intrepid dan4th is off being very important, so I bring you the feud today! Now, be patient with me as I may not be able to be as quick as he is, but I'll do my very best.

Let's play the feud!

Leave a comment to guess the most popular answers to the question:

106 pts available (7 correct answers) answers worth 6-34

#1 Roast marshmallows/s'mores x_dingbat_x 34 pts
#2 Hike babigrl279 20 pts
#3 Build a fire chrisamaphone 18 pts
#4 Fish detonate_for_me 15 pts
#5 Pitch a tent femmeboy 7 points
#6 Cook timba 6 pts
#7 Pee in the woods blosmtx 6 pts

Rules and Disclaimer

"We asked over 100 Livejournal users..."

Do you think you know what typicalljuser would answer on a poll? We advertised a poll and asked them. Now you guess what they answered. Welcome to the LJ Feud. One guess per person per question.
Only the first person to get each correct answer gets the points for that answer, determined by the first person to post a comment. The
person with the most points after 5 rounds wins. Good luck!*

*All decisions of the judge as to whether an answer is "close enough" are final. Order of answering will be determined by the order LJ posts the comments to the post. If your comment gets delayed posting, LJ feud is not responsible. Questions will be posted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 9:00am and
9:30am (GMT -4/EDT). If two or more players are within 5 points of
each other, there will be a bonus 6th question on Friday as a tiebreaker. Prize may vary depending on where I have to send it, and is not guaranteed to be timely, cool, or useful. I assume no liability for anything. For novelty purposes only.
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