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angelic fruitcake

LJ Feud #4 Blooper Reel

Somebody said it, we mock it!

Here's the random answers that didn't quite make the top of the lists in this week's LJ Feud:

Name something you HAVE to have with you for a weekend trip

Tent--No one said you were going camping. But way to be prepared like a good boy scout.
Paper--Where ya going, on a tribal retreat in the Congo? I'm sure there'll be paper wherever you go.
Sega Dreamcast with two pads and SF games--Dude. Sega??? Step into 2001 my friend.

Name an item primarily sold in the summer

Water ice--Not just ice, mind you, ice made from WATER. And yeah, I only use ice in the summer. Good job..
Funnel cake--mmmm funnel cake. I can assure you that I have purchased this fried sugary goodness year round at fairs, festivals and random roadside trucks. mmmmm funnel cake.
Swinsuits--cause typos are funny.

Name something you'd try to lock away from children

Parents with sticks--Hahaha! Wait--oh. Um..??? Let's assume it's parents with Pixie Stix trying to maniacally sugar up the kids. Yeah. Back to the hahahaha.
Poisen--Cause typos are still funny.

Name a European country

Oh man oh man, did typicalljuser blow it out his/her ass this time. The following "countries" were given as answers:

And the popular tourist country of, "Huh"

Grab an atlas or an encyclopedia ya fuckwits, those are cities. Save for "Huh" and Europe. Person who said, "Huh", meet my friend google. Look up phonics, continents, and fourth grade education. Person who said, "Europe", please do not procreate.

Name an item you'd find in a car's glove compartment

In my car? Axe - oooookay...nice to meet you Mr. Voorhees.
Melted chocolate - brilliant answer. really.
Tampons - not a bad answer, but isn't the word tampon just always kinda funny?

That's all f-f-f-folks! Tune in next week for the feud and the funny!
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