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I'm Addicted

Name: Kailei (pronounced Kay-Lee)

Location: Wisconsin

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation: straight

How long have you been on LiveJournal: only about two and a half months

Have you had more then one user name: yes...I have two. The other is writergirl1988 however, it hasn't been updated in like a gazillion years. (only about a month or so...lol)

On average how many times do you post within a week: If I divide the number of weeks by the number of my posts, I come up with 15.6

Why should you be accepted?: I'm addicted. It's kind of sad, really, but I enjoy it. And that's what counts, right? :-)

Tell us about yourself: I am a band geek. I spin flag, rifle, and sabre. Color guard is basically my life from about August to mid-November. And then I get a break for about a month (maybe). Then from December to April is Indoor season. I like to read and write (I do both very often). I'm smart, but I'm very lazy so I don't do very well in school. I want to major in Anthropology (study of cultures), Theology (religions), or Sociology (people) when I get to college. I also want to be a high school English or Social Studies teacher.

What are you opinions on premartial sex/abortion/gay marriage:
Premartial sex: Teenagers are gonna find out just how great sex is and then they're gonna do it. That's just how it is. I wish schools would teach students about contraception rather than sticking with the whole abstinence thing. After all, school is about education right?
Abortion: I'm pro-choice. I believe in a woman's right to choose what she thinks is best for her. I don't think the government should take control of that decision and make that choice for her. Personally, I don't ever see myself getting an abortion, but I would stand by anyone who chose that option because that is her right.
Gay marriage: My uncle and his boyfriend have been together for 25 years and they're looking to get married soon. I hope they do. I wish people would just get over it. Love is love is love and gender, age, race, religion should have nothing to do with that.

Five Favorite Books: Perks of Being a Wallflower, Scarlett, Gone with the Wind, Holes, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Five Favorite Bands: Hoobastank, Creed, Avril Lavigne, Jefferson Airplane, and Switchfoot
Five Favorite Movies: Saved, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Save the Last Dance, and Mona Lisa Smile
Favorite Song & Lyrics (post a link): http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/hoobastank/escape.html

Did you advertise the community in 3 or more places, where:

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I just colored my hair:
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