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411 [name] Lisa [loc] Ontario, Canada [age] 14 [sign] Gemini Your Favorite: [band/singer] Hilary Duff [movie] Clueless [store] American Eagel [color] Pink [food] healthy food :) Why Should You Be Accepted? Tell Us: i should be accepted in the vip because i'm very nice, i'm never rude or mean to anyone. i'm polite and i always have something good to say [were you invited] no [if yes by who?] [promote us-show a link] i will What Do You Think Of: [sex] i think it's important and you shouldn't have it unless it's with someone you love, that's just my oppinion [gay marriages] i think gay marriges are fine i don't think anything bad about it, i'm happy for them. [drugs/drinking] i don't do drugs and i don't drink, i used to do weed a long time ago but i stoped, im never going back into drugs and im not going to drink, but i dont have any problems with people who do [The Hiltons] the hiltons are amasingly geourgous! Show Us: [2 pix of yourself] it won't let me put pictures of myself on here :( and im really sorry if it shows up without the blue colour saying (im a vip) because i did read the instruction i just dont know how to do it

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[name]Bretyn Burton
[loc]Las Vegas, NV

Your Favorite:
[band/singer]Maroon 5
[movie]Mean Grils
[store]Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Ave of course!
[color]Red, Pink, Green, Black, White
[food]Pizza, Hamburgers,Fries

Why Should You Be Accepted?

Tell Us:
[were you invited] no
[if yes by who?]
[promote us-show a link]http://www.livejournal.com/community/_lj_vip/

What Do You Think Of:
[sex] It kewl, but I'm just not ready for it yet.
[gay marriages]It's none of my business,but I think that everyone should have equal rights.
[drugs/drinking]I don't think that people my age should drink or do drugs, but I don't think that anyone should do them period.
[The Hiltons]I absolutey adore them... Paris Hilton is my idol.

Show Us:
[2 pix of yourself]

The second picture is of me and my sister, I'm the one holding my sister up
I hope that you let me join!
kiss face

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[name] Jazmine Marie Robinson
[loc]So. Califronia
[age] 16

Your Favorite:
[band/singer] Blink 182, Taking back sunday, Story of the year, Metallica, Van Halen, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Aguilera.
[movie] Cruel Intentions, Old school, Legally Blonde, Secret window and all 3 American pies.

[store] The Gap, Forever 21, This Vintige store by my house, Wet seal and Pac sun. Im not a big fan of A&F tho.

[color] Pink, Yellow and blue
[food] Pizza, Apples(weird) and Mexican

Why Should You Be Accepted? I would be active and i think i would be a cool addition

Tell Us:
[were you invited]No one i was looking at communities and this one looked cool. And i like the lay out..lol
[if yes by who?]
[promote us-show a link] I dont know how to get the link for the banner..if someone tells me how..i will Definitely promote u guys.

What Do You Think Of:
[sex] Its fun...lol...no im plaing i wouldnt know. I think its ok to have sex if you love someone..i know its cliche.  Or if u trust someone.
[gay marriages] Im all for it.I think everyone should be able to marry.It shouldnt matter if u like the same sex.
[drugs/drinking]FUN shit! well the drugs part not so sure about...But i have drank before at parties. It can get people a lil more into the party..lol
[The Hiltons]umm...HOT!..lol. Nikki's Bags are really cute! i want one. I like her with black hair.


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