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LJ Times' Journal
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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
7:26 pm
A second season for LJers4president!

Greetings from this years hosts:

girlvinyl The Queen of Internet Parody and creator of EncyclopediaDramatica.com.

Good Cop

And ghostlight, the Internet or a sophisiticated chatbot with root access to www.google.com?

Good morning, maggots.

Last years candidates included such notable ljers as Frank_teh_Goat, Dancingdrew, Imaybeparanoid, Kamuela, Beltboy, Levenator and Dgt2. However on November 2, 2004 it was a clear win for the dramacrats and a victorious Hepkitten and Jameth famously of LJDrama.org. Who will win the fake title of President of LJ this year?? Can anyone take down the dramacratic machine? Stay tuned!

The 2nd Annual LiveJournal Presidential Race
Opening Day: August 1st-31st 2005

Dirty deeds, rumors and partisanship rules the day!

Unseat The Goat: 2004 UserInfo and candidates banners.
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
4:52 pm
I don't usually find myself inclined to write on a community as a whole but this is a gem. Let me start by saying that I support the right of a woman to choose, though I try to keep an open mind. Which is why I am interested in abortion debate communities and hearing both sides. There are many intelligent arguments and persons on both sides of the debate. There are also idiots and those who speak without being informed. This community does not exactly fit into either of those categories, it's in a category of its own that really does neither side a service, except maybe the anti-abortion side by making pro-choicers look less than sophisticated: sluts4choice.

This giant insult to all sincere pro-choicers...Collapse )
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
11:47 am
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
10:05 pm
awesome possum.
current events for the lj geeks.
this is the place to be.
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
11:54 am
Hi, I dont know if this community is still open, but I like the idea, and would be interested to start posting. Can I just start posting when I feel like?
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
2:22 pm
Sign our petition and send a message that the Religious Right does not speak for you. Remind America that Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, advocates for the poor, and defenders of justice. Rather than endorsing any party, we must examine each candidate in light of the complete range of Christian ethics and values. God is Not a Republican. Or a Democrat.

Stacks of US twenty dollar bills. Whoever wins the November 2 presidential election will inherit massive budget and trade deficits that pose huge economic challenges. Presidential winner faces 'twin deficits' battle

The United States’ “Disappeared” The CIA’s Long-Term “Ghost Detainees”: A Human Rights Watch Briefing Paper

At about the time our original 13 states adopted their new Constitution, in the year 1787, Alexander Tyler (a Scottish history professor at The University of Edinburgh) had this to say about "The Fall of The Athenian Republic" some 2,000 years prior.

The madness of George: The Bush campaign was once happy to use 'angry' as a term of abuse - but that was before the US public met Furious George, writes US political blogger Markos Moulitsas

Checking the Facts, in Advance By PAUL KRUGMAN Published: October 12, 2004 It's not hard to predict what President Bush, who sounds increasingly desperate, will say tomorrow. Here are eight lies or distortions you'll hear, and the truth about each

Breaking Ranks: More and more U.S. soldiers are speaking out against the war in Iraq -- and some are refusing to fight.

Taking Back Democracy: Howard Dean Interviewed By Jeff Fleischer

November is just a battle

M3: Inconstant Star Cluster

disconscious caption contest, amusing! Caption contest
Sunday, August 29th, 2004
11:28 am
does anyone with a paid account love me enough to run a location search for me? and post the results or e-mail them to me? if not just ignore this. if so then ill post the area code and stuff.
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
10:31 pm
Friday, August 6th, 2004
9:46 pm
Reporter needed!

I'm in search of a writer to cover the imaginary race for the Presidency of Live Journal!
Um er, no I'm not kidding! ljers4president

The requirements are a bit of writing ability, a smidge of irony and whole lot of humor.
The job would consist of interviewing candidates and commentary.

It's all for fun...whadda ya have to lose?

Apply below.
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
7:30 pm
no explanation needed.
"Well, me and my mom have kinda been doing stuff again the past few days like we did when I was younger. She was talking and kinda hinting that she wanted to do it again, and I've been so f'ing horny lately that I decided to go for it"

grotesque homans!

Thursday, February 26th, 2004
3:18 pm
"...lately I've come to realize that the Free Users of Livejournal (which makes up about 90% of the site's populace) are looked down on, and are often considered to be "free loaders". I, personally, don't think that's true. I wanted to create a community where Free Users can vent about being seen as 'second best', when they are really the members that make up most of the livejournaling community."
Whoa! Get over yourselves! Of course there are more free accounts than paid. Should I even justify that attempt at defense by offering to explain? (I won't. I don't care to insult the intelligence of those who read this.)

I doubt LiveJournal would exactly suffer if that 90% suddenly decided to leave. More bandwidth for its paying customers. There are no advertisements on this site, just what exactly do these people think their contribution is? Their wonderful writing, as shown above?

Many, many on-line services become fully paid once they become popular. Often without real notice. It was in the small print (right to change in or termination of service(s) at any point without prior warning, 'cause they're free and owe you nada so what's your argument) and you are expected to have read and memorized that. It ain't all nice but it ain't all unfair either. It's how you survive. In my opinion, LiveJournal has managed to remain unusually human throughout its development. And I'm not just saying that because they're providing a free platform for me to do so!

As a person, you deserve respect until you prove otherwise. But that is about it. Respect is not extra userpics, fast servers, more design capabilities that take space and speed from the rest of us. If the free/paid issue is such an important thing for you, splurge that couple dollars and buy your way into higher society already. Even if it means sacrificing a few candy bars a month or the next tube of Barbie-pink glitter gel for your hair.
Sunday, February 1st, 2004
8:35 pm
"Friends" Only
I come across more journals that are "Friends Only" and whose owners add anyone who comments (or better yet "add you back") than those which actually have some kind of screening for "friends" or just don't offer to add anyone else.

It seems like one of these teeny trends, something to imitate power. Or just a plain old bandwagon. I find it annoying and click the back button as soon as I come to one of these. It triggers rolling of the eyes.

The immediate adding back is an obvious attention or status craving, a want for a larger and larger friends list. It's less a sign of trust for reasons I will explain below.

I find no logic in it. Many explain that they have been deceived by a so-called friend and took this measure for protection. So why do they just add anyone who comes along? Are these people actually naive enough to believe that someone who knows them and wants to read their journal though they (the journal owner) does not want them to will not be able to create an account and make it look active then even comment from a computer of a friend, library, school, internet cafe, or other such location to have a different IP than that which they had with an account known to be them, if the "friends-only" user logs IPs to screen people?

Maybe it is one of these things most people grow out of.
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
7:34 pm
Being Homeless on LJ
If you haven't come across the journal being_homeless (that should be TLJUFKABH, or "The LJ User Formerly Known As Being Homeless," since she is no longer homeless) you're not among the most active LJers.

It will be understood here that anyone can write whatever they want in whatever personal forum. I think it is childish of people to defend themselves with this statement, and I only use it here to defend Crystal Evans: she may write whatever she wants! What a person writes in his or her own journal is only the business of someone else if that person makes it this BUT by addressing the public in your introduction of a userinfo page, one is more or less making it the business of that public. Still, this does not revoke nor confine the right to write.

Now, when I first came across it myself, my fingers wanted to type a million ideas, impressions, and reactions. I'm not shallow enough for these simple minded accusational type remarks like "why don't you stop complaining and go work!" or "you liar you can't be homeless and always be online and have a laptop and stuff!" No, I listened to the whole story first.
Read more...Collapse )
Monday, December 22nd, 2003
9:07 am
Tiny Terrorist? (She wishes!)
Looks like yet another emotionally disturbed adolescent has joined the LiveJournal community with the intent of angering, upsetting, harassing, and insulting people.

Welcome to the bunch, susy_cumquats!

As I see it, the only true insult is that to our intelligence in expecting us to believe this one:

susy_cumquats (susy_cumquats) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 15:53:00
"You whiny ***, once youre on my list you are on for life."
My dear Susy, it's not really any secret that a fix to the old ability of maintainers of communities to abuse their power, a deletion of the friends list when a journal is changed from community to personal again, allows anyone who wants it badly enough to drop you from their "friend of" list.

Looks like once the ban feature is extended to also block a user from adding you to their friends list, you'll completely be out of power! Better hurry up and find a new hobby. Therapy seems to be very in at this time, and I think it would be something for you.

The LJ Abuse team really knows where it's at.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, December 7th, 2003
4:28 pm
Guidelines for topics...
It seems as though this community is stuck in a bit of a rut, no offence intended, I think it would grow more quickly though if people knew what kind of topics are encouraged here. What are some appropriate topics to post on? Anything? Politics? Bush? Paul Martin? Environmental concerns? Union action? Civil unrest? War? Conspiracy? Culture? Religion? Violence in school? Societal degradation? I am just curious, are any of these out of bounds? I just don't want to step on any toes....
Friday, April 18th, 2003
5:24 pm
Well let's make this a little more likely to be read.
Community bio contents:

The unofficial LJ news... all that stuff you wanna hear.

Got a suggestion for a story? Wanna read suggestions and take one? Go here.

Writers: It's strongly suggested required that you take an alias for posting in this community (not commenting, but posting your own stories), as you may end up with enemies just for voicing your opinion -- this has happened to too many others in various situations on LJ and is best avoided by not associating your own personal journal with the name you use to write. Please take a name following the format writer_x -- ie, writer_m, or writer_p and so forth. If you can't afford to splurge the five bucks and create a new account and have no invite codes, post to me and I will try to help you out there. New, serious writers always welcome. This community is open for now. If the alias rule is not followed, offending posters will be deleted along with their entries and the community will be made closed!


Additional: If you have a problem with anonymous writing, try interest searches for other writing communities that do not work with in this way. Please don't complain to me about the rules here, there really are not many, and no one is forcing you to participate. Thanks. -X-
1:21 pm
Comment for a Comment
I give a

Add comment for a comment to your interests, to help other conversationalsist who aren't afraid to speak up and appreciate feedback find you!

What this is all about.
Communication is what friendship is based on, whether it be through words, actions, or images. With how many people on your friends list do you actually communicate? Even those you may watch just because "he writes well" or "she takes awesome pictures" - people you don't truly consider "friends." Do you tell them how their writing, their images have moved you? Or do you assume they know? Will you be disappointed then they suddely stop posting someday because they think no one really cares, or appreciates their efforts to share with the world the creation of their souls?

What about people you do consider friends, or potential friends, those you'd like to get to know better? Do you let them know it? In some cases, do you let them know it as much as they let you know that they feel the same?

A fair practice, and one that has been slowly making it's way through communities and personal journals (perhaps you've already seen it on userinfo pages), is the comment for a comment movement. How many communities do you see full of posts with zero responses? Does it mean no body reads and no one gives a shit? Quite possibly. But if anyone did, how would you even know if they don't speak up? Maybe they would be more inclined to give their thoughts if they knew that this would encourage you to take a moment and read their thoughts.

This shouldn't turn into a "hi! here's a comment, now write me back" kind of party for comment whores, but a sincere effort to get the exchange of intellect moving among members of LJ who are really here for the contact.

If you want to give a comment for a comment, and you'd like to display the above image and link in your bio to let people know that their time is not wasted in actually opening their mouths about how what you have written or presented has affected them, just copy and paste the below to it:

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td align="center"><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/_lj_times/514.html">I give a<br><img src="http://userpic.livejournal.com/4688446/951019" border="0"></a></td></tr></table>

Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
1:18 pm
Tips & Newbies
Got something we might want to write about? Leave your link to elsewhere on LJ here and a brief explanation of your point. If you are linking to an entry, make sure it is a public one so that we can see it.

You can also comment here if you need help becoming a member or posting to the community.
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