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shit is still gangsta in 08

I hope more damatic things happen so I can spout off at the mouth in reality then drag it to my finger tips for some online shit talking.

fuck you all!

next week I celebrate my 3 year aniversary of my quintuplet abortion.
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Lulz Con/ED Snark

Who do you hate on LJ?
Who do you admire?

I'm obsessed/disgusted by the LULZ, mostly Jameth, whose journal I check at least 3-4 times a week. They fascinate me with their sick twisted pranks and they always update their journals, they have a tight circle of friends. It's a voyeurs dream.

At the same time I think they're elitist fucktards and they banned me from their IRC. I don't like some of their peripherial friends, such as alexjon, because he's just a tool and he bugs the shit out of me.

Anyways, I got some great LULZ looking at the LULZ con photos.
OMG, some of them are truly fugly!
I just had to share the lulz, let me know what you think


Lastly, random question: Does anyone else think that brutal_honesty is on its final leg of its tour?
I think that comm will be dead within the year.
I don't know if I'm sad or happy?
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Is anyone still alive???

I guess the mod jumped ship?
Is anyone reading this?

I've been quite the drama-llama lately, but I need your help. I've been banned from a comm and I can't see a post, which I'm sure is about me. Would anyone help me out? Cookies are involved!

I promise much LULZ and OMG DRAMA if I can get screenshots of post.

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I spill Lj drama like fine wine on rap video girls chests. I also hate all of you faggets. but i like you.

get dirty. like that song by that slut, she had a nice ass.

I like to delete and then activate my account.

we should start video taping people getting internet-angry, if you give me a tape of someone really getting internet-angry i will pay you for it. I actually want someone to talk shit to someone and maybe even real life fight them. I have been thinking about going across country for a fight and video taping the whole thing and then TOTALLY YOUTUBING IT OHHHHH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drink beer.
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