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Name: Lexy, or just hey kid

Interests: music over everything, couldn't live without it, that's why i'm here; i play guitar and a little keyboard; i smoke some weed, don't hold it against me; i'm big into art, but i still wanna go to music school; i love being outside and i love music and camping festivals more than just about anything.

Favorite Bands: this could take me a while, but since you asked...
::::the beatles, dispatch, phish, allman brothers band, the grateful dead, moe. dave matthews band, o.a.r., u2, sublime, the string cheese incident, bob marley, pink floyd, nirvana, coldplay, bend folds, electric light orchestra, incubus, northern jam project, polyphonic spree, rusted root, ten flat, the cure, tool, ziggy marley, iron & wine, there are so many more, but i'm wearing down...

If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be? Well, I'm actually meeting Page McConnell (of Phish, for those who don't know) this weekend, which I'm psyched about, but if I could meet anyone...i'd go with either George Harrison, Jerry Garcia, or Duane Allman. I think.

What do you love most about the music you love and live for? Music is something that i can't even describe. music can invoke any emotion in you and i love the fact that no matter what mood you're in, music can make that mood feel that much more real. music is like a drug, it's definately addictive and it definately gets you high. sometimes it's the only thing you have that you can count on, sometimes it's just the background tunes setting the tone. no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you've been through, there's a song for you to listen to and appreciate.
"one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. so hit me with the music..." - bob marley
music can only be created, never destroyed. once something's put together, once a single note rings from a guitar or is belted out by a vocalist, that very moment will never happen again, and it will stick with you, and sometimes music is so powerful you just can't let it go, and that's what makes live music so beautiful, it's so unique, and so indestructible. feelings can go away, people leave, towns change, but once a song is written, it happened, no doubt, and it's so strong and so powerful, and i'm just running my mind in circles talking about this so i'll wrap up with this: music is my passion, the one and only thing that's constant in my life, and i connect with music more than i could ever connect with a person (i think). music bring people together, it sets people apart, but overall, it just makes the world a better place. so i'm done, and i hope everyone has a lovely evening, wherever you may be spending it. i hope you're jammin' to the tunes and enjoying every second of it. thanks for letting me say what i had to.


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