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+Interests+ i like shows. period. i like screaming to music until you feel a convulsion coming on. haha. period. i like dancing until my legs are weak at the ankles. period. i punching bees in the face. period. i LOVE my amigos. period. i can eat more skittles than you. period. and i can say period forever. period.

+Favorite Bands+ the mars volta, incubus, chili peppers, toots and the maytals, at the drive in, the expendables, gdb, defacto, john frusciante, fugazi, 311, mr bungle, funkadelic, everytime i die, voodoo glow skulls, rx bandits, the aggrolites,sublime,the return, the butthole surfers, billie holliday,weezer, charlie parker, miles davis, john coltrane, dizzie gillespie, OMAR A. RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ, dude sooo much more. but you get the idea

+If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?+ Micheal balzary(flea)(bassist for chili peppers), cedric bixler-zavalla ( frontman of mars volta), omar a rodriguez lopez ( guitarist for volta), john frusciante ( guitarist for chili peppers), brandon boyd and micheal enziger of incubus they are all pretty insprirtaional. so basically any musician.

+What do you love most about the music you love and live for?+

the sweat you endure. the tears you cry. the pain you feel. the blood you shed.the inner voice yelling. the heart that breaks. can all be put into music.

its a parallel universe. its a different state of mind. an anti drug. a savior to life.

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i look forward to discussing music with you all
much love
♥ natara

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