July 24th, 2005

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Interests-music (of course) bass guitar, writing, reading, soccer, outside, snowboarding, concerts, and anything involving music basically.
Favorite Bands-there is a list on my journal and in my favorite...(to many to type over and over again.)
If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be? Flea from the Chili Peppers because he was the reason that I started playing bass in the first place...he has alway been my influence
What do you love most about the music you love and live for?  What don't I love about it?  Everything little part of songs that make me feel so much for what they are and what they do to make me feel every emotion at one time.  I remember the first song that made we want to cry and scream and laugh and...fly basically.  It was one of the most amazing thing ever!!! *Kettle Whistle by Jane's Addiction*

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    Joyful Sound-String Cheese Incident