April 11th, 2005


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hey just joined!!! heres the "application" i am suppose to fill out....:

Interests=Music(OBVIOUSLY!),soccer,running and ummm hamsters?
+Favorite Bands+ okay here we go... simon and garfunkel nirvana pearl jam the shins james taylor sarah mclachlan neil young bad religion blink182 the beetles
taking back sunday rhcp and the list goes on but those are what i can remember at the momemt...
+If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?
[ sry i am picking more than one...]Either James taylor b/c hes just so imspirational and talented or simon AND garfunkel b/c theyre soooo clever and amazing writers and art garfunkel is hott lol and his voice is just what i need on a bad day...o and neil young b/c well hes a rocking amazing legend...!!!!!!
+What do you love most about the music you love and live for?Most of the time the music i listen to has real meaning... like the lyrics and music helps me calm down it helps me sort things out and makes my world not along... more or less it reminds me i am still alive at times... lol its always been that for me and i praise God for it...
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