February 10th, 2005

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Don't you play me no jive
A bit of fun on my side
Too much clap make you blind
So don't give me no

Hey my name is Cami and i am a rock and roll fanatic.. I live for music.. and even thought of giving it up for lent.. it lasted two hours before i couldnt stand it.. i am the girl that u never see without head phones.. and who u often mistake for crazy when u hear her humming .. yea thats me.. i hope u accept me into the community

my favorite bands are
1. The doors
2. Led Zepp
3. The rolling stones
5. The who
7. Van Halen

and many many more
i am open to all music and if you have any suggestions please fill me in
  • Current Music
    cant stop rock n roll _ACDC_