February 4th, 2005

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+Favorite Bands+

-Red Hot Chili Peppers

-Led Zeppelin
-The Killers
-Foo Fighters
-No Doubt
-Van Halen
-Story of the year
-30 seconds to mars
-The Who
-The Doors
-Jimmy Eat World
-Velvet Revolver
-Franz Ferdinand
-Modest Mouse
-The Used
-The Cure
-Dave Matthews Band
-The Kinks
-Green Day
-Third Eye Blind
-The Beatles
-Stone Temple Pilots
-The Hives
-The Vines
+If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?+
It would be Brandon Boyd, he is just simply amazing.
+What do you love most about the music you love and live for?+
It makes me feel good, I litterally can't go a day without listening to music, I think i'd go crazy. It also get's me away from all the stress in my life.

  • Current Music
    Van Halen-You really got me