December 21st, 2004

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Name: Bianca
Interests: music (of course,) writing, reading, partying, etc..
Favorite Bands:so many..lets break this shit down:phish, moe., string cheese I, widespread panic, jack johnson, ben folds (five), dispatch, the eagles, led zeppelin, pink flyod, greatful dead, bob marley, elton john, galactic, billy joel, sublime, dmb, sonic youth, kaki king, ani difranco, zero 7, gwen stefani, blind melon, broken social scene, scissor sisters, allman brothers, keane, the who, the the, journey, the band, jellyfish, ben kweller, alanis, the killers, blood brothers, trey anastasio, oysterhead, cream, eric clapton,tbs, howie day, radiohead,gary jules, the pixies, and much more..I'm also a sucker for rap (mainly tupac,wu-tang, snoop,dre, jay-z, and kanye)as well as pop music (britney spears, spice girls, and hanson is awesome)I like (or appreciate) basically everything.
If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?: It would definetly without a question be trey anastatio.

What do you love most about the music you love and live for?: The way it makes you feel. In those moments (especially at shows) you're not worrying about anything-your just focused on the music yet completely lost in your own head. Nothing matters but that moment. As trey says 'Music is sort of the last pure thing on earth. We've kind of always seen it as a thing where it's an escape. You can go with the music, and lose yourself'

yeah thats it i guess..anyone seeing a new years show? I'm hitting String Cheese Incident.
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    dispatch-two coins